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If you’re currently putting in the time and effort in the gym, and can’t figure out why you aren’t losing all the fat that’s covering up the ripped abs, muscular chest, and action hero like V – Taper that you want… Then keep reading. Because you’re about to discover how to read teach your body the simple steps it needs to take for isolating FAT as its primary source of fuel.

Before I share this simple and scientifically proven formula that will rewire your body’s natural biology for more efficient fat burning, let’s hit the rewind button so you can see for yourself how the system was developed and just how powerful in fast acting it is when you activate it…


Everything was pointing to it, I was just too blind and stubborn to see. After being advised by my primary care physician to get a blood test done to see what was biologically going on in my body the results came back with a clear and definitive answer…

What was the problem?

This can be a bitter pill for a lot of us guys to swallow… But the science doesn’t lie. After the age of 30, your T-levels drop by 1% EVERY year, and your body’s metabolism becomes increasingly less effective at breaking down fat to use as fuel. Unfortunately, this double headed monster can cause an avalanche of negative side effects that when left unaddressed, will only get worse and worse, on a faster and faster scale.

That’s bad news…


Nope! This is straight body fat loss that you will achieve by simply “re-teaching” your body the natural and primal instinct it has to rely more on fat as a source of fuel via both your diet and from your body, than the carbohydrates, and even muscle tissue breakdown, that most traditional diet and training plans force you to lean on.

Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine!!!

This is an ideal state in which your body uses stored body fat as its primary source of fuel to get you through the hustle and bustle of all your daily activities. So regardless if you’re pushing through one more set on the bench press, typing away on your computer at work, or just sitting at home watching Netflix… you’re always breaking down and burning up body fat.


The solution, one that my consulting team of sports nutritionists, performance training specialists, and myself all put together was a very specific approach to combining training and your diet that we discovered burns over 2x the amount of body fat as traditional regimens do, and at a rate that will have people convinced your taking illegal fat burners.

Turn on your “Fat Burning Switch”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the powerful fat burning properties of a diet that forces you into a state of ketosis. If not, here’s a quick rundown of “WHAT” key ptosis is, and “HOW” it helps you burn fat…


What is ketosis? Ketosis is a naturally occurring metabolic process in which your body switches from using glucose from both the food you eat and glycogen stores (stored glucose in your liver and muscles) to both dietary and body fat to fuel your daily activity. You get into this state by following an extremely low carb, moderate protein, and HIGH FAT diet.

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Better gut health
  • Improved Brain function
  • …and better fat metabolism

With benefits like that, it’s no wonder why so many people swear by this type of diet.

Problem #1

And we all know what happens to your energy levels, body fat, and lead muscle mass when your testosterone levels drop…

Problem #2

Most of the weight loss comes from water weight…

And the bulk of that weight comes from muscle instead of fat. Making this worse, not only will the loss and muscle decrease your resting metabolic rate, but the decreased hydration levels cause a rapid drop in your performance inside the gym.

Problem #3

Over reliance on non-nutritive fats

Cause a reduction in cell metabolism speed and more difficulty in reaching a calorie deficit that is necessary for fat loss…

So how do you take advantage of being in a state of ketosis where you are “fat adaptive,” but not suffer from these negative issues?

Imagine for a second you could experience all of the unbelievable health and fat loss benefits of a ketogenic diet, but not have to suffer from those 3 big drawbacks. That’d be a recipe worth getting your hands on right?!

Well, with the new “Ketobolic diet” that you’ll use when going through the 30-day Anabolic ReBoot, that’s exactly what you get!

In order to push your body into a “Fat Adaptive” state as quickly as possible, and more importantly keep it there so that you can continue to get your body to isolate its own fat as fuel, here’s the brand new 4-phase “intermittent keto diet” you’ll be using.


PHASE I (Day 1-2): Anabolic Fasting Phase

To kick your 30-Day Anabolic ReBoot off, and get both your metabolism and fat burning hormone factory working FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU. You’ll start with a complete “system reset.” If you’ve ever taken your car to the mechanic for a tuneup, and had them flush and replace all of the fluids, this phase is just like that.

  • increase insulin sensitivity (which boosts fat metabolism and increases production of fat burning hormones)
  • increases production of Human Growth Hormone (this is what prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue so that your body relies on glycogen and THEN body fat as fuel)
  • reduced leptin production (when the catabolic hormone is stopped during a fasted state, your body sees as immediate surge in testosterone production .. assisting in your fat loss)

This phase, although lasting just one day, really sets the tone for the FASTEST FAT LOSS POSSIBLE! And inside I’ll show you all of the little tricks to help take full advantage of its powerful fat loss capabilities while avoiding the MAJOR mistakes that most people make when doing their own.

PHASE II (Days 2-7): Anabolic Flush Phase

After your “anabolic fast” is complete, and your body has begun the reboot process, now it’s time to kick it into 100% fat burning overdrive! To create this powerful fat adaptive state you need to be VERY SPECIFIC with the food you consume during this phase.


See, the initial part of the “flush” begins with your “anabolic fasting”.… But the follow through with what you condition your body to use as fuel afterwards (ideally your own body fat) is what results in the momentum you’ll need to experience the FASTEST, MOST DRAMATIC, AND MOST SUSTAINABLE results possible.

This is where the REAL POWER and difference of my special now “Ketobolic Diet” shines! And to allow your body to get into this unique fat burning state, you’ll receive a thoroughly mapped out meal plan that outlines exactly WHAT you will be eating, in the EXACT AMOUNTS, and at the SPECIFIC TIMES, so that your body will remain in this powerful ketobolic state where your metabolism is spiked and your testosterone remains through the roof!

And don’t worry about eating the same bland, boring, or tasteless foods. Inside you’ll be getting countless delicious meal options that keep the “fat loss gains train” on the tracks while keeping you from experiencing any of those insatiable urges to cheat… But even if you do, I’ll also share the secret to quickly push your body back into that fat adaptive state as if that piece of cake or that pizza didn’t get eaten at all!!!


PHASE III (Day 8-23): Anabolic ReFeed Phase

This is the phase that separates a traditional “ketogenic diet” with my all new “ketobolic diet.” Where most of the weight loss many people experience using a traditional “keto diet” will taper off (along with the steep decline in testosterone and metabolic rate), the all new “Ketobolic Diet” does the opposite!

You’ll burn MORE fat, experience sustained increases in your testosterone, and increase your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you in a day while resting), all by making one small shift in your daily diet.

So how is this possible? And what is this “small shift” you’ll be making?

Simple! You’ll use a little-known performance nutrition tactic I discovered called “Intuitive Carb Cycling” that allows you to refill your muscle and liver glycogen stores while remaining in a ketobolic “Fat Adaptive” state. The benefit of doing the “Glycogen ReFeed” is that you will “SHOCK” your metabolism (for greater calorie burning) while also teaching it to store the carbohydrates you eat as glycogen (instead of fat), and most importantly CONTINUE using body fat as its preferred source of fuel.

These days it seems ALL CARBS are being demonized as fat storage magnets! But in this phase you’ll discover how to strategically add the right ones, in the right amounts, and at the right time to actually help you BOOST your energy levels, BURN MORE FAT, and more LEAN & MUSCULAR all at the same time! I promise you, the amount of pure body fat you lose during this phase will make you rethink everything you’ve ever learned about dieting…

PHASE IV (Days 24-30): Peak Physique Phase

This phase is where EVERYTHING comes together, and you finally get to snap your own “After Photo” that leaves people’s jaws dropped!

When you use my “one weak peak physique” formula, you’ll continue to thrive in the “fat adaptive” state, and burn up body fat to fuel your workouts.


But when you combine that with the express fat detox you’ll add to the mix, your level of conditioning and muscularity will reach fitness mode status in a matter of days! To do this, you’ll be using the same carb, water, and micronutrient manipulation tactics that champion bodybuilders use to get rid of the belly bloat and subcutaneous water that blurs your muscularity.

When all is said and done, each one of these for diet phases play a pivotal role in putting you into and keeping you in a fat adaptive state, well helping to kick-start both your metabolism and testosterone to levels that make burning fat fast and easy.

Progressive Intensity Training: The Key to FASTER Fat Loss

For the BEST and FASTEST results possible during this 30-day transformation process, it’s all about making sure you’re hitting on all cylinders. And to further increase your testosterone levels and metabolic rate, your training plays an equally large role as your diet.

To bring your workouts up to speed so that they’re pulling their weight like your new “fat adaptive” ketobolic diet will be, you’ll use my powerful new fat burning “Progressive Intensity Training” system…

The secret sauce behind why this training model will be so powerful in its ability to help you burn up fat is two-fold…

man2 (1)

Being in this zone allows you to maximize your metabolic rate so that you burn MORE calories not just in the gym while training, but more importantly outside of it during the rest of the day. This way you’ll create more of the caloric deficit necessary to burn up all the fat that’s blurring out the defined and ripped up look you’re going for.

Your metabolism isn’t the only fat-loss variable that’s affected by your training though. The effect it’s got on your test asked round is unmistakable and can’t be ignored!

You can’t just throw the kitchen sink at your body by going balls to the wall in every workout though. That’s a recipe for “overtraining” that will lead to plummeting testosterone levels, fat storage, and a steady decline in your energy levels.

That’s why you’ll use a carefully calibrated high intensity training approach that will do JUST ENOUGH to shock your body into producing and releasing more testosterone, but not enough to force you into the catabolic state that “overtraining” will put you in.

This is truly the fastest way to burn fat


PHASE I: Ketobolic Cardio Plan

Most lifters believe that the second you wake up, your body is in a catabolic state that is STARVING for nutrients to get back in an anabolic state. So they rush to the kitchen, fix breakfast and go about their day thinking they have put their body in a perfect position to rev up their metabolism and increase their testosterone.

WRONG! I’ll show you why this is the opposite approach you need to take, and how drinking a simple and all natural fat burning cocktail before performing a specialized form of high-intensity cardio will help your body target fat to use as fuel for the entire day.

These special cardio sessions only last 20 minutes, and receive their powerful fat burning properties by forcing the lymphatic system to send more fat to your liver for break down into the fatty acids it can use as fuel. Translation, your body will be using fat as fuel DURING these quick sessions, will be conditioned to use fat as fuel for the remainder of the day, and will even continue pumping out the powerful muscle sparing and fat burning hormones testosterone and hGH while still in the fasted state you’ll be in during the workouts… Still in a mad rush to reach for that protein shake and bowl of oatmeal?!

PHASE II: Progressive Intensity Training Plan

Comes to weight training, your intensity and how well your program matches up with your gold is what dictates the speed and quality of results you should expect to receive. Add to that the fact that your body is engineered to adapt FAST to the stress man’s that you placed upon it during your workouts, and you can see why it can be difficult to continuously see the fat loss you’re looking for.


Not to worry though, because you’ll be using my brand new “Progressive Intensity Training” method.

Using this powerful new high-octane training style in conjunction with a ketobolic diet has proven to be by far the fastest working, and most effective form of fat loss there is today. By taking the traditionally effective “high intensity interval training” (HIIT) approach that many CrossFit trainers have popularized, and kicking it up a notch with a more structurally sound and progressive system… You’ll be burning fat like crazy during (and after) your workouts, but more importantly be able to sustain that accelerated rate of fat loss because of the constantly changing workouts that this “Progressive Intensity Training” offers.

Faster and more dramatic fat loss… Shorter workouts… Increases in your testosterone and metabolic rate… Elevated energy levels… These are just a handful of the benefits you’ll receive when going through this constantly changing, fun, and challenging new training model!! Every day you’ll go through a different and progressively more intense workout… And every day you’ll see more body fat falling off and revealing the more chiseled & muscular look you’re looking for.

hardcore-anabolic-finishers2 (1)

PHASE III: Anabolic Finishers Plan

In the fitness community, “cardio” has become synonymous with “weight loss” or “cutting.” In large part, traditional cardio DOES do a good job of helping you lose weight. Unfortunately for a lot of us though, much of the weight loss comes from the lean muscle tissue our body has that is responsible for burning up the body fat you WANT to get rid of.

Not only that, but when you take into account that extended bouts of traditional cardio causes a huge spike in the hormone cortisol, (which leads to your body holding onto it stored fat for dear life), you have to wonder why anybody trying to get lean and more muscular would ever do traditional cardio in the first place. That’s not the case with these “Anabolic Cardio” routines though…

Doing these 3-5 minute fat-targeting routines immediately after your daily “Progressive Intensity Training” workouts will have you dripping with sweat, and burning fat like a fiery inferno! But their real power lies in how they will not only PREVENT the release of cortisol, but cause a SHARP SPIKE in testosterone… Ad when you combine the increases in your testosterone levels & metabolic rate that you receive from these quick workouts, your “Progressive Intensity Training,” and your Ketobolic Diet… your bodies fat-loss potential during this 30-day process (and beyond) is virtually limitless!

Introducing the 30-Day Anabolic ReBoot

The only 100% Natural Testosterone & Metabolism Boosting Weight Loss System that Istolates Body Fat for Fuel so you can Sculpt a Muscular Physique with Razor Sharp Six Pack Abs


When you go through it and experience firsthand how freakishly fast your body can burn off that layer of fat that’s covering your 6-pack abs, you’ll understand exactly why I’m so excited to share this new transformation tool with you.

Inside your copy of the 30-day Anabolic ReBoot you’ll FINALLY be able to pinpoint and address the REAL problem that’s making it such a struggle for you to lose weight and find the energy to tackle the day. And trust me, when you do…the weight will fall off and your energy levels will skyrocket practically overnight!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get instant download access to today…

Module #1

Anabolic Fasting Phase


Starting your 30-day Anabolic ReBoot with this one day Anabolic fast will be the FIRST STEP you need to take in order to flip your body into a “Fat Adaptive” state.

Module #2

Anabolic Flush Phase


After the Anabolic Fast forces your body to rely 100% on fat to fuel both your workouts, as well as all other daily activities, this one week “Ketobolic Diet” phase will allow you to experience all of the fat shredding benefits of a traditional ketogenic diet, with NONE OF the testosterone reducing side-effects. Quite the contrary! This new twist on the ketogenic diet will help you see massive increases in your testosterone levels, AND your metabolic rate … both of which play a HUGE role in allowing you to shred up fast.

Module #3

Anablolic Re-Feed Phase


That’s why you’ll use the “intuitive carb cycling” in this phase to “shock” your metabolism so that you can burn more overall calories, experience massive sleeve-splitting pumps when training, and have huge surges in energy to fuel you through the intense fate burning workouts that you’ll be going through…

Module #4

Anabolic Peak Physique Phase


Module #5

Progressive Intensity Training Plan


Module #6

Ketobolic Cardio Plan


There’s no way around it…If you plan on getting ripped up, you absolutely MUST do your cardio! Unlike most “Cardio” protocols though, this unique new style of fate isolating work WON’T cause your body to burn up all of your muscle while causing a spike in the fat storage hormone cortisol…

Module #7

Ketobolic Meal & Supplement Guide


To make this powerful new fat burning diet as easy to follow as possible for the best and fastest results, you’ll receive a done for you meal and supplement plan that walks you through the entire 30-Day Anbabolic ReBoot process. Using the “Macro-Calculator,” you’ll even be able to further customize your meals to help maximize your fat burning potential. It doesn’t get any simpler than this…


Inside You’re Also Going To Discover…

  • Endocrine Bio-Hacking: Manipulate MASSIVE surges in your body’s most powerful fat burning hormones with these fast acting and all-natural diet hacks.
  • “Magic” Anabolic Fast Breaker: Drink this simple cocktail first thing in the morning after your “Anabolic Fast” to turn your body’s fat burning switch to the “ON” position.
  • The Ketobolic Food Pyramid: The FDA has been lying to you for years about what you should be eating to maintain a healthy and lean body. But this “Ketobolic” approach will unveil the truth about the food you REALLY need to be eating in order to burn fat instead of store it.
  • Belly Bloat Cure: If you’re sick and tired of feeling and looking bloated all the time, it’s likely because you’re eating one or many of the foods and this list that causes long term inflammation. Strike these “inflammatory” bloating foods off of your diet and you’ll see rapid weight loss and huge jumps in energy levels.
  • Why most “Low Carb,” “Paleo,” and “Keto” diets are designed to fail… and the #1 change you can make to fix this testosterone and metabolism sabotaging problem.
  • Intermittent Anabolic Keto: Why this new and improved style of “keto” diet is rewriting the ketogenic rule book… and how YOU can use it to start burning pounds of fat starting today.
  • My #1 Daily Anabolic Primer Cocktail designed to help your body quickly convert itself into a fact adaptive state so that it isolates your own body fat to use as fuel.
  • Express Anabolic Pump Routines: Use these quick and simple lower body routines first thing in the morning to mobilize fat and assist in faster fat loss.
  • The 30-Day Gut Cure: Find out how in the next 30 days, you can get rid of the “bloat,” improve your absorption of nutrients, and feel instant boosts in energy levels.
  • #1 Biggest training mistake that’s halting your testosterone production, and forcing you to stockpile belly fat (the most potentially fatal type for all men)…
  • The “7-Deadly Ketogenic Sins:” These 2 BIG mistakes will stop your bodies production of testosterone, and turn “off” your ketogenic fat loss capabilities [DON’T let these traps derail you!]
  • The “F-3 Primer:” How priming your bodies “lymphatic pump” will help not just ramp up your immune systems, but more importantly help you send more fat to your liver to burn as fuel…
  • My insulin sensitive dieting formula that will have you dropping body fat at rates you won’t believe possible.
  • The EXACT “Anabolic Fat Loss” supplement list you’ll follow to burn through body fat… Instead of your hard earned money.
  • Carb Rationing: the simple trick to force your body to use ALL of the carbs you eat to initiate mind blowing pumps instead of fat storage.
  • “Intermittent Overtraining:” how training your body to hover close to a state of “overtraining” will force a massive 173% increase in your testosterone levels, and the simple trick to stay in this magic fat burning “anabolic” zone.
  • “Barbell Cheat Codes:” The in-depth video form coaching on your 4 core anabolic lifts that assures you’re lifting at 100% of your TRUE anabolic potnetial.
  • The Anabolic Macro Calculator: custom guide to finding out exactly how many grams of protein and carbs you need daily to activate your body’s automated fat burning and muscle maintenance engine.
  • “Hunter & Gatherer” Fat Loss Principle: this method of fat loss will forever change your mind about light night eating [HINT: it DOESN’T do many so-called experts say it does!]
  • Top 4 “Endocrine Disruptors:” eliminate these toxic foods to keep your fat burning hormone levels in check.
  • Top 10 Calorie Cutting tricks: when it comes down to it, the essence of fat loss is all about creating a caloric deficit. Here you’ll find 10 simple tricks to creating a bigger caloric deficit for faster fat loss… Without feeling like you’re starving yourself.
  • Why increased cholesterol consumption in your diet can actually be a good thing [HINT: this one trick will dramatically increase the fat burning capabilities of testosterone].
  • Ketobolic dieting on a shoestring budget.
  • Intermittent ketobolic dieting: The “non-diet” diet that shows you how to sustain all of your “30-day anabolic reboot” muscularity gains without depriving yourself of your favorite “comfort” and “junk” foods.
  • My #1 “All-Natural Fat Burner” Cocktail: drink this sweet and spicy mixture every morning before you do your fasted ketobolic cardio, and you’ll drop fat and a dizzying rate!
  • The “Day-31 Diet:” The RIGHT WAY to break your 30-day transformation diet with a “cheat meal” that keeps your metabolic rate in testosterone levels skyhigh so that you can keep burning up body fat.
  • The Big Detox Lie: REAL weight loss isn’t about drinking some “herbal tea” that does nothing but cause “water weight” loss… Inside you’ll discover the secret to getting your body to drop BODY FAT and instead!
  • … Plus much, MUCH more!

You’ll also receive These Special Bonuses

Bonus #1

1 Week Vacation Peak


If you’ve got a beach vacation planned and waited until the very last second to get that shredded look you want in all of your photos, this crazy intense 2-a-day training plan is just what you’re in need of!

Bonus #2

Anabolic Circuit Training


No training protocol has been shown to help you burn more fat while building a more muscular and athletic physique than these crazy “performance fat burning” routines.

Inside you’ll get my top 12 workouts PLUS all the rules you need to follow for them in order to develop and implement your very own.

Bonus #3

Anabolic Shock


No training protocol has been shown to help you burn more fat while building a more muscular and athletic physique than these crazy “performance fat burning” routines.

Inside you’ll get my top 12 workouts PLUS all the rules you need to follow for them in order to develop and implement your very own.

Bonus #4

Inner Circle Coaching – 7 Day Trial


With this you’ll receive insider access to daily in-depth personalized diet coaching that will assure you’re doing everything in your power both in the gym and kitchen to get the most astonishing fat loss transformation possible.

So How Much Does the “30-Day Anabolic ReBoot” Cost?

  • Module 1: “The Anabolic Fast Phase” – The intermittent fasting trick that INSTANTLY boosts your Anabolic Hormone levels and speeds up the “fat adaptive” shift for faster fat-loss…
  • Module 2: “The Ketobolic Flush Phase” – The simple and fast acting diet shift that will force your body to feast on its own body fat for use as fuel
  • Module 3: “The Re-Feed Phase” – This “intuitive carb cycling” model will shock your metabolism for faster fat-loss, and deliver mind blowing pumps.
  • Module 4: “The 1-Week Peak Phase” – Kickstart both your anabolic hormones levels and metabolism using this powerful “fast to refeed” model made popular by elite bodybuilders and fitness models.
  • Module 5: “Progressive Intensity Training” – Shock your body every single day with these testosterone spiking and metabolism boosting high intensity fat loss routines
  • Module 6: “Ketobolic Cardio Plan” – Force your body to rely 100% on body fat to fuelall of your daily activity by adding these short high octane cardio workouts first thing in the morning.
  • Module 7: “Ketobolic Meal & Supplement Guide” – The daily done for you meal and supplement guide that turns your diet into your body’s #1 new fat burning weapon.
  • Bonus 1: “The 1 Week Vacation Peak” – This is the precise 2-a-day hardcore diet and training plan that guarantees you’ll hit your peak muscularity in one week or less.
  • Bonus 2: “Anabolic Circuit Training” – Use these top 10 “performance fat loss” circuits to raise your testosterone levels by as much as 133% and spike your metabolic rate to help burn far more calories.
  • Bonus 3: “Anabolic Shock” – The top 27 “All-natural” anabolic hormone manipulation hacks that in conjunction with the “30-Day Anabolic ReBoot” will turn your body into a high energy fat-loss machine!
  • Bonus 4: “Inner Circle Coaching – 7 Day Trial” – Take a free week pass inside my exclusive 1-on-1 training & dieting mentorship that assures you get the BEST and FASTEST fat loss transformation possible.

As you can see, you’re getting a lot with your order today… and every one of these diet and training modules is perfectly calibrated for you to maximize both your anabolic hormone production and your metabolic rate for the FASTEST fat-loss humanly possible. I’ve left absolutely no guess work or stone unturned with this fast acting fat-loss system.

And the best part is, you can grab it for less than the monthly cost of your gym membership while having permanent access to the life changing fat loss tactics it will teach you.

Think about that! Just $19 and 30 days is all that stands between you and that shredded up new profile picture that everyone will be flipping out about!

And remember…

  • Even if you only drop 5-10 lbs. of fat during the initial 30-day transformation…you’ll see a MASSIVE improvement in your muscularity, and MORE THAN get your money’s worth…
  • If all it does is dial you in on “what works” in the gym and in the kitchen versus “what doesn’t?”… it’ll keep you from pulling your hair out in frustration, and again prove to be well worth the money.
  • IF after discovering the list of supplements inside that ACTUALLY help you lost fat, instead of wasting hundreds of your hard earned dollars… it’ll prove yet again that it’s well worth your investment…

So click the button below to grab your copy of the “30-Day Anabolic ReBoot” and get started on your rapid fat loss transformation today!

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I’m so confident that in the next 30 days you’re going to be thrilled with all the weight that you’re going to lost, that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and make you this iron clad promise…

When you order the “30-Day Anabolic ReBoot” today, if at any point in the next 60 days you’re not loving the results you’re receiving, or if ANY REASON AT ALL, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt and polite refund. For more on keeping a healthy body thanks to biking, we recommend to read this new blog post about the best chain bike locks.

  • Waking up every morning with a glowing sense of pride about your shredded physique
  • Bouncing out of bed without even hitting the snooze button because you’re brimming with the youthful energy you need to seize the day
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  • Getting compliments left and right from friends and family begging to know your “Secret”
  • Not having to starve yourself or do countless hours of boring cardio to lose that painfully stubborn fat that’s hiding the ripped physique you want so bad

All of this is not just possible … with the 30-Day Anabolic ReBoot, it’s expected!

Fly solo with a “throw it on the wall and see what sticks” attitude that will eventiually get you where you want to be, but not without first experiencing countless “fails” that leave you frustrated and on the verge of simply giving up…

OR… the smartest option…

Lean on the science and clear PROOF of a diet and training system that is carefully crafted to help any person, at any level, and at any age to ignite new and long lasting fat loss via increased anabolic hormone levels and a youthful metabolism…

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