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14 Day Anabolic Reboot Action Plan

If you do it right… all you need is 14-days to unlock a body that turns heads when you take your shirt off…

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you follow the 14 Day Anabolic Reboot Action Plan… I’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you here…

Just plug n’ play this 3 Phase protocol and you’ll have everything you need to get your best looking physique in just 2 short weeks.


Inside The 14 Day Anabolic Reboot Action Plan You’ll Get…

  • How to reboot and upgrade your testosterone, growth hormone and metabolism so you get leaner… stronger… and more energized… in one fell swoop!
  • The 3 phase Anabolic Reboot protocol that’ll transform your physique in 2 weeks… (In phase I you’ll reset your metabolism, digestive system and alpha hormones… in phase II you’ll train your body to turn fat into energy fuel that burns right off your body… and phase III send your body into perfect muscle building environment.)
  • How to keep your body in fat burning mode while enjoying all the foods you love…
  • The #1 mistake 99% of people make in the morning that’s ruining your testosterone levels within an hour of you waking up… (Doctors and fitness “experts” have been recommending you do this for decades… but new research finds it may be the WORST thing you could do.)
  • How to rewire your body to feed on fat stored on your belly… love handles… chest… and any other stubborn area of fat on your body… (it takes no more effort than reading this page right now!)
  • The exact step-by-step 14-day plan that’ll help you achieve your dream physique in 2 weeks… that’s right… just 2 WEEKS!
  • Why you should eat MORE dietary fat if you want to burn MORE body fat… (Plus… why eating too much protein might ruin your physique!)
  • My homemade Ketobolic diet that blends the 2 most powerful eating hacks known to man into one unbeatable protocol that skyrockets testosterone and growth hormone while burning body fat… just stick to this plan for 14 days and you’ll get an impressive physique easier than ever before…
  • The unique carb-cycling model that’ll shock your metabolism and give you insane muscle pumps in the gym… (plus… a great pump in the gym is crucial for adding lean muscle to your frame… and now you can pack it on at lightning speed.)
  • What you should NEVER eat before bed if you want to unlock max growth hormone while you sleep… (just making this tiny adjustment to your diet can greatly increase the amount of fat you burn over the next 14 days and beyond.)
  • The scientific reason why you’ll lose pure fat in just days… what the FDA and breakfast food companies don’t want you to know about your breakfast… the #1 food you MUST eat after your fast (your testosterone levels are begging you to feed it with this)... a complete list of beverages that’ll shrink your belly and fuel you up with loads of energy… exactly what you should do during your fast to lose even more fat… 3 HUGE problems with the ketogenic diet (and the one tweak I made to it that made all these issues vanish)… and so much more!

Ketobolic Cardio Plan

During your 2 weeks on the 14 Day Anabolic Reboot, you’ll have one goal…

Achieve the highest amount of fat loss possible! You’ll already be on the right track when you follow phases I-III of the Anabolic Reboot eating protocol…

But when you add this Ketobolic Cardio Plan into the mix… the sky’s the limit.

Using a brand-new style of training that I’ve created myself… this specific, simple and effective program will take your physique to the next level!

Inside The Ketobolic Cardio Plan You’ll Get…

  • How to maximize your metabolism and skyrocket your metabolism at the same time… (you’ll unlock your body’s best fat burning hormones within just seconds of this workout… and keep them running for days on end!)
  • The answer to the most asked question in the health and fitness world… Should I train fasted? (The answer may shock you… Flip to page 4 to find out.)
  • The high-powered fat burning “pre-workout” ingredient that’ll upgrade your fat burning abilities when you train… (Take a tablespoon of it 30-minutes before your workout and fat will melt off your body like butter.)
  • How to prime your liver in the morning so that fat naturally flows to it and gets burned away for energy… This one series of movements will practically force your body to burn fat all day long…
  • The #1 mistake most guys make when starting a new training program that lowers testosterone, makes you tired… and even makes you store fat no matter how hard your train! Page 5.
  • 30 morning and evening Ketobolic Cardio routines… The first 14 will take you through the entire Anabolic Reboot program… and as a bonus, you can use the next 16 for the rest of the month!
  • And so much more!

Progressive Intensity Training Plan

The Progressive Intensity Training Plan is divided into 4 phases that keep your body guessing… and growing… day after day.

Featuring… Core Activation Circuits… Muscle Maximizing Core LIfts… Performance Fat Loss Circuits… and Fat Burning Finishers…

… that’ll easily transform your physique in just 14 days.

Each phase is hand-picked to make fat vanish… boost testosterone and growth hormone… and keep your metabolism churning for days on end…

All you have to do is follow along and watch your body take shape before your very eyes!


Inside the Progressive Intensity Training Plan You’ll Get…

  • 11 how-to videos showing you exactly how to complete each movement in the program to perfection… (you’ll have no problem following along with these in-depth videos where I’ll show you step-by-step how to get the most out of every workout.)
  • Amazingly simple training routines that shock your body into high powered fat loss during your training… and for hours, even days afterward!
  • How to get your training and diet to work hand in hand and give you the explosion of anabolic hormones you’re chasing after… so you can easily build more muscle, lose more fat, and have energy that never lets you down…
  • The foolproof way to keep your body from adapting to exercise so it never “gets bored” and stops burning fat… and instead is forced to adapt to new stimulus, increase testosterone and growth hormone and burn fat minute by minute for the next 14-days!
  • How to get the “biggest bang for your buck” from your workout… Do this and you’ll spend less time in the gym and burn more fat than you ever could otherwise!
  • 14 complete done-for-you workouts that’ll give you the physique you crave in no time flat… why you MUST pay attention to your rest time between sets if you’re going to get your best looking physique… how to get a massive pump that catches every eye in the gym… the exact kind of exercise you need to focus on to trigger higher testosterone production… and so much more!

Ketobolic Meal & Supplement Guide

You won’t be able to unlock your best looking physique in the fastest amount of time possible if you don’t dial-in your nutrition…

And with this guide you’ll have everything you need to do that easier than ever before.

This daily meal and supplement guide will be your #1 secret weapon for finally getting rid of stubborn body fat… and keeping it off for good.

All you need to do is flip it open and follow along and you’ll be on the fast track to your dream physique.

Inside The Ketobolic Meal & Supplement Guide You’ll Get…

  • The #1 health food you must stay away from over the next 14 days if you’re going to keep your fat burning hormones at their peak… (even just a couple bites can sabotage all your hard work and make you gain fat instead of lose it.)
  • The best thing you can do to make sure you’re always progressing towards you best looking physique… (do this and you’ll NEVER get stuck or go backwards.)
  • A complete done-for-you Ketobolic diet grocery list that you can print out and take to the store… so you can stock up on the best fat loss foods that also skyrocket testosterone and growth hormone…
  • Why you should stay away from lean cuts of meat… and instead enjoy full fatty slices of your favorite animal proteins…
  • Keto-friendly carbs that’ll pump your body full of important micronutrients without throwing you out of ketosis… plus a specific group of “refeed carbs” that you can chomp down guilt-free during the re-feed phase of the 14 Day Anabolic Reboot…
  • The Zero-B.S. supplement guide complete with when to take a supplement… how much to take… and what it’ll do for you… (No fluff or affiliate links trying to see you something… Just the essentials packed into one quick resource.)
  • A full-on menu for each phase of the diet so you know exactly what to eat and when for rapid fat loss… the king of all Ketobolic diet supplements… how to pull carbs into your muscles to be used as glycogen using this one supplement made from wildflowers… the one time you shouldn’t even think about drinking whey protein… how to clear out bad bacteria from your gut and replace it with nutrient-absorbing bacteria that’ll make you look and feel better than ever before… and so much more!

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Bonus #2: Anabolic Circuit Training ($19 Value FREE!)

When it comes to upgrading your testosterone and growth hormone levels to experience maximum fat loss and muscle gain… INTENSITY is the name of the game.

And with the help of this guide, I’ll show you how to achieve optimal intensity without “going overboard” while you train

Plus, you’ll get the key to unlock results that most guys only dream in a short few days…

Inside the Anabolic Circuit Training program you’ll also find the top 10 circuit training workouts you can use to raise your testosterone levels by as much as 133%...

… and turn your body into a fat burning machine day after day!


Bonus #3: Anabolic Shock ($15 Value FREE!)

Did you know that you can trick your body into producing more testosterone and burning more fat?

It’s true! And inside Anabolic Shock you’ll get the top 27 natural anabolic hormone manipulation tricks that’ll help you burn fat faster than ever before.

Inside this amazingly practical guide you’ll find…

  • What to do 3 hours before bedtime that’ll skyrocket growth hormone production while you sleep…
  • The one supplement you should take with every meal to absorb more essential nutrients into your bloodstream and take your physique to the next level…
  • A doctor recommended form of cardio that you should NEVER do… (it raises your stress hormone levels and makes your testosterone levels plummet!)
  • The scientifically proven reason why you should spend at least 15-minutes per day outside…
  • What you should every morning to “wake up” every muscle fiber in your body… the perfect temperature shower that’ll skyrocket your testosterone levels… a certain type of massage that’ll initiate more muscle growth… what you should do if you hit a wall in your training… and so much more!

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