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Hi. My name’s Chandler Marchman. And for years I built my life around traditional workouts…


And spent hours every week lifting weights, running cardio and training others to do the same.

But a year ago I started to get “workout wear and tear” on my body. My shoulders and elbows burned from performing the same exercises day in and day out… And…

My physique started feeling off balance, too.

After years of doing exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions… my body started acting like a group of different parts instead of one high-functioning unit.

And a lot of my personal training clients were saying the same thing…

So I did some research into why my body was reacting to my typical workout routine like this… And…

What I found shocked me… because it turns out…

Traditional Gym Workouts Are Ruining Your Physique And Making You Gain Fat!

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Your favorite bodybuilders are hiding a dirty little secret behind closed doors…

Because they recommend that you push your body to its breaking point on a daily basis… But what they don’t tell you is this kind of training releases cortisol into your bloodstream. (unless you take steroids.)

The problem is cortisol lowers testosterone… which is your body’s top muscle building and fat burning hormone.

Some even call cortisol “death hormone.” Because it cripples your body and shortens your lifespan… (8) But the good news is you don’t need to participate in these self-destruct gym sessions anymore.

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Forget about dumbbells, barbells, sweaty benches or anything like it…

Because you can burn more fat and build more muscle using “swing cycle workouts”... a method perfected by Soviet Union special forces units to get and stay in amazing shape.

Not only does it skyrocket testosterone levels… but it also keeps your cortisol levels at bay… so you get your best body with ease.

And in just a moment you’ll gain access to a full library of swing cycle workouts.


Lots of guys who try to get back in shape start “going for a jog” in the mornings… or do a bunch of cardio thinking it’ll help lose fat…

The problem is it's doing the opposite!

See, pounding the pavement for long periods of time causes inflammation in your joints… and triggers a surge of stress hormones to fill your body…

This causes what I call “stress pollution.” Because it causes muscle loss, slows down your metabolism, and can even put you at risk of heart disease and erectile dysfunction. (9) (10)


You don’t need to exercise for an hour, 45-minutes, or even 10-minutes to get a strong and ripped body…

Because studies show this style of training burns at least 20.2 calories per minute. They call this kind of workout a powerhouse workout that delivers “off the charts” results. (11)

Plus, it’s completely joint-friendly… because you aren’t repeating the same movement over and over again until your joints are rubbed raw and inflamed.


How many times have you gone to the gym and done three bicep exercises, three tricep exercises, chest exercises and so on?

It takes forever to build a good-looking body that way…

Listen, your body isn’t just a bunch of parts mashed together… It’s one unit…

And it’s supposed to function like one… which is why you need to learn how to train your body like one high-powered unit if you want to see the best results from exercise.


Have you ever seen a big oaf at the gym who can bench press a bunch of weight… but can’t run more than 5-minutes on a treadmill without getting winded?

That kind of “fitness” isn’t useful in real life… and honestly, it just looks silly.

But with Full Unit Movement, you’ll train your entire body from head to toe… melt body fat and build muscle all over… and even improve yourself from the inside-out…

… because your cardio will get better also!

Basically, you’ll get the “biggest bang for your buck” every time you train with these short and powerful workouts…

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7DKBS bundle image

7 Day Kettlebell Shred

Your “Fast Pass” To Getting Lean And Ripped In The Quickest Way Possible… Using The Most Effective Exercise On The Planet Proven To Activate Every Muscle In Your Body At Once And Skyrocket Your Metabolism To New Heights In One Week!

Here’s What You Get Inside The 7 Day Kettlebell Shred…

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  • 7 short 15-minute hyperdrive fat loss exercise routines using a single kettlebell and nothing more!
  • A new study published in the British Medical Journal found if you breathe this certain way… you’ll exhale belly fat off your stomach (12). And I’ll show you exactly how to do it inside…
  • A complete exercise library where I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to execute each movement to perfection… no guesswork or injury risk… just safe and super fast fat loss for the next 7 days!
  • A convenient week-long program you can do anytime and anywhere… No gym required! (you can even take this with you while staying at a hotel for a business trip or vacation.)
  • The world’s fastest fat-burning workouts that’ll ignite your metabolism for 72-hours straight of fat-loss… (just a few minutes of exercise and you’ll melt off stubborn fat from head to toe for 3 days nonstop.)
  • How you can look 20-40 years younger in only a few months of this ONE exercise according to a groundbreaking study done at McMaster University in Ontario… HINT: It’s a wonder that every person in the world isn’t using this simple trick right now…
  • How-to train ache free… This dynamic training technique is so easy on your body it’ll protect you from chronic joint inflammation and energy crashesPlus it trains your body to work as a single high-powered unit!
  • The 4 most important tips you need to keep in mind whenever you swing a kettlebell that’ll make every rep count… #2 could be the difference between an “okay” swing and a flawless one… (13)
  • The last and ONLY piece of workout equipment you’ll ever need to change your life and transform your physique…
  • Say goodbye to lower back pain! Inside I’ll fill you in on why kettlebell training is praised as the cure for everything from a pinched nerve to a stiff neck
  • Why kettlebells are like carrying a gym in your hand, how to get stronger from head to toe faster than ever, how to get abs without doing a single set of crunches, the proven way to get better posture (no other exercise does it like this), and so much more!

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Follow Along Videos ($29 Value FREE!)

Get all the perks of an at-home personal trainer without the cost!

Inside the follow along videos bonus I’ll go through each of the short 15-minute 7 Day Kettlebell Shred workouts with you…

So you’ll feel like I’m right there in your living room.

All you have to do is follow my lead and you’ll get an unbeatable workout…

Plus, if your partner wants to join in with you, she can follow along just as easily right next to you…

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Kettlebell Cardio ($34 Value FREE!)

This isn’t some traditional, boring cardio routine…

Inside Kettlebell Cardio you’ll gain access to 7-minute metabolism boosting cardio routines that’ll transform the way you look and feel…

You’ll activate hundreds of muscles in one fell swoop, pump up your oxygen power, elevate your fat-loss hormones and more!

Inside you’ll get “my specialty”... a kettlebell cardio workout featuring my 5 favorite kettlebell moves in one…

And a core-glute workout that’ll carve up your midsection and add some round muscle to your butt…

Plus, you’ll get the only cardio workout that makes you arms and shoulders lean and powerful… and so much more!

To make these workouts as easy and as fun as possible, you’ll get a step-by-step guide showing you how to complete each movement with ease…

… and an easy follow along workout video to go with it.

So all you have to do is pick a Kettlebell Cardio workout, give it your all, and feel the fat fall off your body!

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