About Chandler Marchman & Team Swole Patrol

Chandler Marchman gets people “JACKED & RIPPED”. To help expose the “truth” about how to build dominating size and strength while sculpting the ripped athletic physique so many woman love!

After struggling and failing for years using programs built by “expert trainers” and every imaginable generic muscle magazine, as well as emptying his pockets on worthless and deceiving supplement scams, he went to work on developing a program that “SIMPLY WORKS!”

For 7 years he worked around the clock reading, researching, and implementing the training tricks from the “best coaches money can buy”, and using himself as a human Guinea Pig. In the end, what he came up with was the “SWOLE System”, the foundational program for the gym he runs in Tampa, FL known as the “Man Cave”.

Following the “jaw dropping” transformations he helped so many of his clients achieve with the use of the “SWOLE System”, he decided to unleash it to everyone that didn’t have the luxury to make it to the “Man Cave”. Bottomline, if you have the willingness to give 100% of your effort to pursue your goal of looking good while kicking ass, this is the program that is designed to get you there!

You can check it out here.