How An Orphan Kid From Princeton,
New Jersey Became A Division 1 Football StarRecord Setting Weight Lifter… And Member Of The United States Olympic Bobsled Team…

How An Orphan Kid From Princeton, New Jersey Became A Division 1 Football StarRecord Setting Weight Lifter… And Member Of The United States Olympic Bobsled Team…

“He’ll be locked up for life…”

Justin watched with tears in his eyes as the police slapped handcuffs on his hero…

The 14-year old’s father was surrounded by officers… as they walked him to one of the three squad cars parked outside.

He was charged with crimes you only see in the movies… high-level fraud that makes mafia scandals look like child’s play.

“Where’s your mom?” one officer asked the boy.


“She’s gone…”

She’d been taken to the state ward months before… because of a mental illness that put her kids in danger.

He grabbed his little brother and sister… and hugged them as they cried against his chest.

“Tell them to let him go, Justin! PLEASE!”

His Parents Were As Good As Dead…

He was on his own with his two brothers and sisters… and no one to care for them.

He’d spend the next 4 years bouncing between foster homes before—like a divine appointment—our paths crossed.

Hi. My name’s

Chandler Marchman…

A strength and conditioning coach who’s helped thousands of guys all over the globe transform their physiques from “ordinary” to ripped and powerful…

Using a specific system that opens up what I call “anabolic pathways” in the body.


Simply Opening Up These Pathways Turns Your Body Into A High-Performance Machine…

According to new research from Tsukuba University in Japan, anabolic pathways are the “delivery system” for important male performance hormones— testosterone and human growth hormone

Which are the most powerful chemicals in your body for building muscle and strength. (1)

They’re so powerful that bodybuilders and professional athletes spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them injected into their bodies…


But the truth is… you don’t need to prick and prod yourself… or use any prescriptions to get them…

A study from Ball State University found you only need to open your anabolic pathways… and you’ll INSTANTLY shuffle testosterone and growth hormone to “binding sites” in the body…

And once these hormones connect to the binding sites… it’s like plugging a light into a high-voltage outlet…

Your Body Gets Charged With Power
You Never Knew You Had… (2)

And it gets better…

Because opening these anabolic pathways and releasing male performance hormones to their binding sites doesn’t only make you stronger and more muscular…

But once unlocked… years of built up body fat begins to vanish.

A study from the University of New Mexico also found this is the FASTEST way to get rid of stubborn fat. (3)

Because it melts flab hour by houreven when you’re just laying around the house.

All It Takes Is A Few Seconds… And You’ll Release A Treasure Trove Of Male Performance Hormones Rushing Through Your Veins…

See— it’s possible that you’ve had a bunch of testosterone and growth hormone stored up in your body…

But because you don’t know how to open your anabolic pathways…

it’s like these hormones have been stuck behind bulletproof glassand they can’t do anything for you there.

So keep reading…

Because on this page I’ll let you in on a unique system that opens up anabolic pathways in your body… and KEEPS them open 24/7so you can experience life-changing results fast.


That’s what happened to Justin…

One day he stumbled into my gym… desperate for someone to train him.

But there was only one problem… he couldn’t afford it.

He didn’t tell me why… but he promised he would do everything I asked during our workouts.

So I gave him a “gym scholarship” and we started working together…


I Put Him Through The Exact Anabolic Pathway Training System On This Page…

And His Body Transformed Almost Overnight!

Immediately he started packing on muscle and achieving crazy feats of strength

And turned into a perfectly sculpted high-performance athlete.

That’s when Justin set his sights on something no one ever thought he could achieve after his family fell apart…

He Enrolled At The University Of South Florida…

And Walked-On To Their Division 1 Football Program…

Not only did he survive the final cuts… but he went on as a starting fullback and special teams player

And the field wasn’t the only place he dominated

In the weight room he set nearly every USF weightlifting record

Benching a whopping 455 pounds… squatting 655 pounds… and deadlifting 650 pounds

Plus he set the record for vertical jump… by leaping 43.5 inches in the air!

Even after accomplishing almost superhuman strength and athleticism… he pushed himself even more…

One day he walked into the gym and said…


So we doubled down on his training… and after submitting his test numbers to the United States Olympic Committee they begged him to tryout

And after crushing his tryout in front of the world’s most skeptical and picky athletic judges…

Justin became a member of the United States Olympic Bobsled team.


Amazing, right?

Even though Justin gives this anabolic pathway training all the credit for his success

You have to give him props for his character and resilience.

He’s the kind of guy that every trainer dreams of working with.

And after his complete body transformation and success in the gym… on the field… and in Olympic competition…

I knew I had to get the word out about “Anabolic Pathway Training” to as many people as possible…

It’s Your Turn To Get Freakishly Strong, Chiseled And Athletic… Using Anabolic Pathway Training!

What is Anabolic Pathway Training?

It’s a type of training unlike anything you’ve done beforethat focuses on opening up pathways in your body that contain anabolic hormonesand FORCES massive gains.

The word anabolic means something very simple… It means “building up.” 

So when you open anabolic pathways in your body… and release testosterone and growth hormone into your bloodstream… you “build up” muscle, strength, performance and fat loss

But not just any kind of training will do… 

There’s a very specific way you MUST train to make it happen. Problem is…


Most Training Programs Slam The Door Shut On Anabolic Pathways… And Instead Open Up
Harmful Pathways Known As “Catabolic Pathways.”

Catabolic is the OPPOSITE of anabolic… It means to “break down.”

Basically, when you open up catabolic pathways your body eats away at its own muscle for energy

… which makes it impossible to get bigger, stronger and more athletic. (4)

Plus… unlike anabolic pathways that release testosterone and growth hormone to their binding sites… catabolic pathways release a dangerous hormone called cortisol

Cortisol Is Like Kryptonite… It Makes Your Most Powerful Male Hormones Powerless

A study from the University of Texas found when cortisol levels are high, your body stops responding to testosterone and growth hormone… (5)

And another study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found cortisol puts a roadblock in your anabolic pathwaysand makes it impossible to reach your full potential in the gym and in the mirror. (6)


Like I said earlier… most training programs out there open catabolic pathways… and you’ve likely fallen victim to it.

I know because most guys who come to me for help… have opened these pathways with their old training programs…

But once I altered their trainingtheir physiques and strength took off!

I'm telling you right now… Science, research, and the results that I've seen first hand all guarantee Anabolic Pathway Training will work for you. But before I tell you how you to start my unique system…

You need to STOP making the following mistakes in the gym right away.

Avoid These Common Training Mistakes At All Cost!


#1. Unstimulated Exercise

Have you ever walked into the gym and just gone through the motions? Or trained a muscle group without FEELING your muscles at work?

When you do this… you aren’t only wasting your time… but you’re also keeping the door to your anabolic pathways locked tighter than a bank vault

Which is robbing you of both muscle and strength gains.

Most guys don’t understand how to cue up all the supporting muscles in their body… and execute each lift with full force… For example…

On a bench press most guys fail to use their lats, traps, hips, glutes, low back, even their calves for maximum drive and power… And without it you lose up to 30% of your potential power.


Anabolic Priming

According to the University of Western Ontario you have hundreds of thousands of muscle fibers in each muscle… (7)

And each one of them is there to help you lift more weight. The trick is… you need to “wake them up” first.

The more muscle fibers you stimulate… the more help you’ll have on big lifts that open up anabolic pathways…

When you do this— you’ll FORCE rapid gains in both size and strength!

You’ll add lean, powerful, and athletic muscle to your frame and dominate every one of your lifts in the gym… be conditioned enough to be the star in a pick up game of basketball or football…

… and when you strip off your shirt at the beach you’ll show off an athletic physique that every woman goes crazy for!


#2. Traditional Cardio

Traditional cardio is the worst kind of training for men… 

A study from Dresden Germany found that running cardio for long stretches of time opens up catabolic pathways in the bodywhich causes muscle loss and fat gain! (8)  

Which is the opposite of what you want!

Plus… it makes your testosterone levels crash faster than a brick falling from a skyscraper.

And the truth is… no high-performing athlete does this kind of cardio

Think about it for a second… NFL players are some of the most jacked and powerful guys on earth… They're the perfect combination of speed, power and hulking muscle.

Here's a little secret about their training you might not have known…

These guys perform ZERO traditional cardio to get in shape… In fact, most of their workouts stay as far away from it as possible. 

To chisel out their titanic physiques… they do this instead…


Performance Fat Loss Training

Instead of doing hours and hours of traditional cardio on a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical machine… which thrusts your body into a catabolic environment… 

You need to transition your body into the "Performance Fat Loss" zone.

This is where all truly great physiques are built…  

Because it opens up your anabolic pathways and unleashes a surge of fat-burning hormones that’s second to none.

This type of high octane training is the REAL secret behind why professional athletes are shredded and muscular… and still perform at high levels of speed and explosiveness… 

And will take your physique and performance to the next level in a hurry!


#3. Little Variation Training

Your body is a high-powered machine… capable of impressive things… 

But MOST people treat it like one-trick pony… and do the same routine over and over again!

There's NO sense of change or variation… so your body has no reason to grow! 

See— your muscle responds to stimulus… But if you’re always using the same exercises, with the same weights and the same old “3 sets of 12 reps” or “5 sets of 5 reps” formula… 

Your body will adapt… and won’t budge anymore. 

You’ll be stuck at a plateau with no way up… And your physique and strength will be trapped in the same place week after week and month after month. 

Plus… boredom is the Achilles heel of most guys who train… and causes them to lose motivation and give up on their training. 

Without variation… you’ll suffer through dull and boring training sessions that make you want to skip the gym more often than not.


Forced Adaptation Training

When you mix up your training with different exercises, weights, and set/rep schemes… you’ll force your body to constantly adapt to NEW stimulus. 

Get this right and it's like flipping on a transformation switch in your body that forces insanely fast and dramatic results.

By using my “shock system” training method… you're going to throw your body into a state of "chaos" and "confusion"... 

Which guarantees your muscles will adapt and grow on a daily basis.

Think of Forced Adaptation Training like a slingshot… it’ll catapult you further and faster than you could ever go without it! 

These 3 Training Solutions Thrust Open Anabolic Pathways And Create The AMP-ed Training System!

How is the AMP-ed Training System so powerful?

Real simple…

This system breaks down each training session into 3 phases that FORCE your anabolic pathways wide open and—like a magnet—your male performance hormones connect to binding sites… and create the perfect muscle, strength and fat loss environment in your body


By training in these phases the RIGHT way each time you exercise… your body will become a high-performance machine… 

You’ll experience growth like never before… and will unlock a ripped and athletic physique… with top-notch strength… and unstoppable energy

Here’s What A Day Using AMP-ed Looks Like:


Step 1: AMP-ed Dynamic Warm Up

You'll start every training day using this advanced movement prep and muscle activation warm up so that you can put your body in the perfect position for maximal gains in size, strength, and muscularity every time you hit the gym.

Step 2: C-4 (Corrective Core Conditioning Circuits)

In order to build athletic and powerful abs & obliques, you have to train them like an athlete! These challenging core circuits won't ONLY have you showing off a tighter and shredded up midsection… but will give you levels of core strength that rival MMA fighters and NFL athletes!


Step 3: XM (X-Plosive Movement Circuits)

One of the tricks to lifting and moving with explosive power is to trick your body into contracting muscle tissue at faster rates. That's exactly what these explosive movements will do. Not only that, but they’ll also excite your nervous system so you recruit even MORE muscle fibers for greater and faster gains.


Step 4: Anabolic Lifting

Once you've gotten your body into the perfect muscle-building environment… you want to take full advantage of it!


You’ll do this with specific barbell exercises that are proven by science to force the most powerful anabolic response in your body.

And to make sure that you get the MOST size, strength, and power gains possible from these 5 different Anabolic Lifts… you'll use my patented 'Barbell Cheat Codes' video coaching portal to guarantee that you're performing them each with laser like precision!


Step 5: Metabolic Weak Point Circuits

Here's where you will flip on the "fat-loss overdrive" switch… 

And train for that conditioned and ripped up look that you've always wanted. 


You'll use a specialized form of metabolic conditioning that increases the strength and endurance of all your major muscle groups… 

While burning pound after pound of stored body fat to fuel it along the way. Even better— these circuits will give you an added dose of explosive lifting power during your Anabolic Lifts, too!

It won’t matter if you’ve never touched a weight in your life… or you’re trying to get back in shape… 

… or if you’re already in good shape but want to take your body and performance to the next level… 

I’ve personally battle tested this training system on dozens of clients of mine… all from different walks of life… 

And the results have been the same… 

Ripped, Strong And High-Performing Physiques That Turn Heads!

  • Chiseled physique that looks amazing with and without clothes on…
  • Rippling vascularity that makes beautiful women want to see more…
  • Polarizing strength in the gym that everyone respects…
  • Unbeatable conditioning that makes it easy to dominate in any sport…
  • Upgraded performance in the gym… in the bedroom… and in the office…
  • Attention… confidence… and status like you’ve never experienced…

I want to shortcut the process for you… 

By taking all the guesswork out of making your body and performance goals come true… and giving you the only training program you’ll ever need again


The AMP-ed Training System

The One-Stop-Shop To A Ripped Physique, Impressive Strength And Unbeatable Performance!


The AMP-ed Training System is the ONLY training program designed to transform your physique AND upgrade your strength AND boost athletic performanceall at once.

AMP-ed is a unique system scientifically proven to open anabolic pathways using a 3-phase formula that evolves your physique and performance in weeksnot months!

This protocol puts your body in the perfect “anabolic environment”... so you BUILD muscle, strength and performancewhile BURNING every ounce of fat that doesn’t belong.

Anybody can do it… whether you’re an athlete that wants to reach the next level… or you’re a guy looking to get in better shape. This program is for you. Just ask these guys…

Inside The AMP-ed Training System You’ll Discover…

  • How to look like a beast and perform like an athlete… Using a 3-phase formula that’ll transform your body into a lean mean athletic machine in 12 weeks or less…
  • The super-secret training method elite Olympians and world class powerlifters use to build superhuman strength, explosiveness, and athleticism… (it takes less than 7 minutes to do and will make you unstoppable in the gym.)
  • The #1 thing 99% of guys miss out on when they train(get this right become almost AUTOMATIC overnight.)
  • How to use the secrets of “loading” your body for maximum power! (Use this technique next time you bench and you’ll easily add 10 lbs. or more to the bar.)
  • My 4-minute "Anabolic Priming" method that sets your body up for the best workouts of your life… You’ll increase mobility, strength and explosiveness simply by using this pre-game system that uses “baby weights” to FORCE brand new gains!
  • A simple breathing hack that increases your POWER in the gym by a whopping 20%! (You’ll execute each lift with unbreakable strength and confidence… and skyrocket your gains just by making this one tweak to your breathing.)
  • If you want NFL linebacker-like explosiveness within minutes, then you'll love my XM SETS that get your body primed and ready to move at maximum speed
  • How to activate 87% more muscle in less time using these "cheat codes" that only the most informed lifting coaches in the world are privy to. In just minutes you'll know ALL the secrets to adding stacks of dense, ripped, and powerful muscle mass faster than ever before!
  • How to “think” your way to a lean and ripped physique… 7x Mr. Olympia bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger swears this tactic gave him an extra edge over all his competitionand it’s so easy you can do it without lifting a finger!
  • WARNING! Stay away from this one type of cardio at all costs… and NEVER workout more than 47 minutes or you’ll suck your testosterone dry! (Instead get in the BEST shape of your life spending LESS time in the gym.)
  • Looking to bench big weights? My 5 part coaching cues will break down every barrier keeping you from thrusting impressive weights in the gym… and will set you up for maximum poundages!
  • How to turn your most explosive fat-burning hormones on auto-pilot and torch fat around the clock as a result… This T.N.T. tactic will obliterate “love handles”, slice off unsightly back fat, and give you a harder midsection in seconds…
  • How to have your cake and eat it too! Chow down on all your favorite foods without adding a single inch of belly fat… the fastest way to sleeve-splitting arm growth without doing bicep curls… how to burn more calories post workout sitting on the couch than the guy slaving away on the treadmill… the hush-hush secrets of professional athletes that give them powerful physiques that no one else can match… and so much more!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Today:

Component #1:

The AMP-ED 12 Commandments


The AMP-ed 12 Commandments are your daily lifting guidelines

It’s a checklist of what you need to do before, during, and after every workout. Inside I'll cover how to choose your weights, intensity level, how to warm-up, and how to cool down.

Just plug n’ play the 12 Commandments and unlock your best looking and performing body faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Component #2:

The AMP-ed Training Principles


This is the entire training system broken down into bite sized chunks… showing you how to unblock anabolic pathways and experience amazing gains in strength, speed, size, and fat loss.

These principles are the key to getting all the results you want

Most programs have a “muscle-building phase”... a “strength building phase”... and a “fat loss phase”... But AMP-ed doesn’t make you wait… you upgrade everything all at once!

Component #3:

AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes


Most guys don't know how to properly lift and stimulate muscle, strength and crazy explosive power. I'm changing all of that with these AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes.

With AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through each exercise and each workoutso you can execute each move to perfection

Plus… I've created an in-depth portal of muscle activation hacks that show you exactly how to get maximum results from your Anabolic lifts. The best part— these video modules are customized for every body type and every level of lifter.

No matter where you’re at right now… I've got you covered!

Component #4:

AMP-ed Training Weeks 1-4 (Forced Adaptation Phase)


The purpose of the 'Forced Adaptation Phase' is to build a strong foundation for phases 2 and 3 with a specific focus on opening your anabolic pathways as wide as possible so you can reach your ideal athletic, physique and strength goals fast.

Hit this phase hard and you'll accelerate your results for the rest of the program.

Component #5:

AMP-ed Training Weeks 5-8 (Intensity Accumulation Phase)


Time to crank things up!

In phase 2, you'll transition to more intense workouts than you had in phase 1… Don't worry though...when you crush it in Phase 1, you’ll easily handle the intensity in Phase 2.

In this phase you’ll notice MAJOR upgrades to your physique, strength and performance.

Component #6:

AMP-ed Training Weeks 9-12 (Chaos Phase)


Don’t let the name scare you… for most guys, this is their favorite phase of the program.

Here we add volume AND intensity at the same time… so you aren’t training just like any old body in the gym… You’re training like a high-powered athlete!

When you get through this phase, you'll look and perform like an absolute BEAST!

You Get All 3 Muscle Building Phases Of AMP-ed

Plus $113 Worth Of Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1:

ARM-ed (Advanced Recovery Methods)

$37 Value

The most overlooked part of transforming your body is the ability to rapidly recover from your workouts. Because growing is never done inside the gym… It's done outside the gym.

With this list of advanced recovery methods you’ll put your body in the perfect anabolic environment all those hours when you aren’t in the gym… and discover the tricks and techniques the pros use to unlock head-turning gains and performance.

Bonus #2:

CHARGED (Advanced Intensity Techniques)

$37 Value

If you feel like kicking it up a notch during one of your workouts inside AMP-ed… you'll love this bonus.

Inside of "CHARGED" I'll reveal my most advanced training principlesthat FORCE your muscles to adapt and grow larger than life.

CHARGED is the perfect resource if you're ever stuck on a fitness plateau… and need a boost to the next level.

Bonus #3:

101 Ways To Get Swole

$39 Value

You're going to love this…

A list of 101 tips from industry leaders in the fields of exercise science, powerlifting, bodybuilding and nutrition.

Inside you'll discover a wealth of information designed to take your body from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

This is my personal favorite resource that I still visit time and again for a change of pace in my own training.


Look Like A Beast And Perform Like An Athlete!

Over the last year… I've perfected the AMP-ed Training System to the tune of thousands of hours and 300 pages worth of notes… 

I've calculated each workout for each test subject, recorded their lifts, their experiences, and their results.

Now, the original program was much more complicated and technical. Because it takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t… 

But since then I've been able to condense everything and rip out all the fluff… Giving you the 'meat and potatoes' and proven principles that work REGARDLESS of your genetics.

Listen man, if you're feeling stuck and out of shape…or like you're getting nowhere in the gym or your physique doesn’t look the way you want it to… 

Then the AMP-ed Training System is just for you.

I specifically developed this entire transformation system for the average guy at the gym who wants to look better with his shirt off…

As well as for those who want to upgrade their new physique gains with the dominating levels of strength, stamina, and explosiveness that every top tier athlete has.

Just check out what these guys are saying about it…


I have got off the treadmill and have received the results I've been looking for, went from 305 to 245 with a new performance level. This training is truly for all not just the young.

~ Steve C.


The changes Coach Chandler made to my diet and training made a HUGE difference in my levels of strength, conditioning, and overall confidence. In only 7 months, he helped me lose the 70 lbs. I needed to not just meet, but BLOW AWAY my military physical requirements!

~ Pat Iasiello.

Now You Too Can Upgrade Your Life By Transforming Your Physique With The AMP-ed Training System!

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I’m only going to release 500 copies of the AMP-ed Training System

The reason is because I’m a coach at heart… and I want to be able to give everyone who purchases the AMP-ed Training Program my best.

In order to do that… I have to limit how many copies I sell… because if thousands of people purchase the program, I won’t have enough bandwidth to help everybody. 

So by capping the amount of programs available… I’ll be able to keep up with everyone who buys and make sure they have the best experience with it. 

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Like I said, I’m a coach at heart. So my goal isn’t to make money… it’s to help as many guys as possible get a ripped, powerful and athletic physique

If you were to come to my gym and hire me to take you through the very AMP-ed Training System I’m offering on this page… it would cost $140 per hour. 

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You Have 2 Options Of Where To Go From Here…


Do Nothing

You can keep training and seeing little (if any) gains in the mirror. Wasting time on programs that don’t work… and leave you frustrated and insecure about your body.

Even if you do see some gains… they happen very slowly. 

I’m talking it takes you a year to reach gains you should have accomplished in a few weeks. 

You’ll continue walking into the gym not knowing if the workout will actually do anything to improve your physique. And you’ll keep lifting the same sized weight over and over again because your body’s reached a plateau…  

And won’t get stronger no matter what you do

You won’t reach high levels of performance either… 

Because most training programs out there are “one trick ponies.” They either help you get big or get strong or get fast… but NEVER all in one… 

Not to mention a lot of programs out there open up Catabolic pathways in your body… and once that happens— your body eats away at the little muscle you have left.


Honestly man… why would you keep putting yourself through this?

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The reason is because for the first time, you’ll unlock anabolic pathways inside your body that’ve been dormant for years… and release fresh amounts of testosterone and growth hormone in your bloodstream… 

Then— these high-powered male performance hormones will attach to anabolic binding sites where they light up like a Christmas tree… 


And FORCE your muscles to grow. 

You’ll get stronger with ease… strut into the gym with unbreakable confidence that you used to envy other guys for… and look forward to new gains every time you train.  

On top of all this…  you’ll shed stubborn body fat quickly… no matter how much you have or how long you’ve had it hanging on your body… 

Because once you manipulate these anabolic pathways to work for you, your body’s fastest fat-burning hormones will come to life… 

And you’ll get a more ripped and impressive physique around the clock… even while you sleep or sit around the house. 

Basically… your body will grow and burn fat even when working out or getting in better shape is the last thing on your mind.

Because of your complete physique upgrade… you’ll get tons of attention from the opposite sex. And you’ll stand out from all the rest… because your body is the perfect blend of muscle and athleticism… 

Something very few guys have… but every beautiful woman loves to look at and touch. 

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You’ll become better in every area of life… because there’s something about having a great body that just makes life easier to handle… even if things get tough. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I see results?

You should begin to see a difference in your physique within the first 7 days of starting the program and your strength and performance the following week. You’ll likely be a little sore after the first few workouts but that’s a good sign because you’ll be training your body in ways you haven’t before.

How Is AMP-ed Different From Other Training Programs?

The AMP-ed Training System is the only program of its kind. Most programs make you focus on building muscle or building strength or losing fat or improve performance. The AMP-ed Training System attacks all at once so you don’t have to pick and choose between all the results you’re after. Plus, AMP-ed uniquely opens anabolic pathways in the body so you get a constant surge of testosterone and growth hormone with every training session..

What Happens After the 12 Weeks?

You’ll look better, feel better and perform better. You’ll have a great physique you love showing off and new strength that boosts your confidence and makes you feel like “the man” inside and outside the gym. The best part of this program is that you can cycle through it again. Just adjust the weights you use and you’ll continue on the fast path to your best body possible.

Do I Need To Belong To A Gym To Do This?

You will need dumbbells and barbells to do this program. So if you have that equipment at home, great, use that. But if you don’t, you’ll need a gym membership to get the most out of the AMP-ed Training System.

I’m Out Of Shape And Haven’t Worked Out In A While. Will This Still Work For Me?

Absolutely. I’ve created AMP-ed to meet you right where you’re at and help you get your best body from there. I’ve used this same protocol on everybody from new lifters to dads who want to get in better shape, to athletes of the highest caliber who want to improve their performance on the field. Wherever you’re at, the AMP-ed Training System is your golden ticket to success. 

What If The Program Doesn’t Work For Me?

While it’s virtually impossible to follow this program to the “t” and not see any results… But if for any reason you don’t like how the program is laid out. Or you just don’t get the results you were expecting and then some… you get a full refund. No questions asked.

Is AMP-ed A Complicated Program?

No. This is my most straight forward program I’ve ever created. The progressions are built in from workout to workout. You have a done-for-you exercise picture and video library showing you how to perform each movement safely and for maximum results. And it’s as easy as going from one workout to the next over the upcoming six weeks. Simple. Effective. Results. That’s what you get with the AMP-ed Training System.

Is This A Physical Or Digital Product?

The AMP-ed Training System is a digital product. So once you place your order, you’ll be able to download it right away and get started as soon as you’d like. 

How Do I Order The AMP-ed Training System?

Just click or tap here to order the AMP-ed Training System. You’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can finalize your purchase and get started whenever is best for you.

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