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  • The Anabolic Fat Loss Shift : Making this one simple change to your fat loss plan will result in three times greater fat loss in half the time that the more traditional "diet and cardio" approach will...
  • ,The "H.I.I.T. Factor" : Discover the one training variable that when you mash the gas on, will spike your testosterone levels, and lead to rapid fat loss and muscularity gains...
  • The Metabolic Manipulation Principle: Did you know that most fat loss actually occurs outside of the gym, long after your workout has ended? Here, you'll discover how to "trick" your metabolism into torching fat at a record rate...even when you're chilling on your couch!
  • Anabolic Cardio Blueprint : This fat loss workout building blueprint reveals the 10 different anabolic cardio routines your body needs to turn on its most powerful fat burning super systems. Follow these workouts and you'll open up the fat loss flood gates!
  • The 7-Day Express Fat Loss Split : Following this hardcore 7-day anabolic fat loss split will transform your body sooner rather than later. When you need to get lean in a hurry, this is the split that you want to use...
  • Performance Fat Loss Secrets : Picking and choosing the right exercises to use in your fat loss workout can make or break your results . But when you follow these 3 simple rules, you're guaranteed to not just burn fat, but improve your strength and athleticism as well!
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