Metabolism Spiking & Testosterone Releasing Workout Routines Force 3X More Fat-Loss Than Traditional Cardio… All In Just 7 Minutes!

This powerful new "anabolic cardio" protocol will cut your fat-loss transformation time in half! Make sure you read every word on this page so that you don't miss out on this time sensitive discount offer.

If you think traditional cardio is the key to the fastest fat loss possible, you've got another thing coming!

Here's why…

Long bouts of traditional cardio done either in the morning on an empty stomach, or immediately after your workout routine can cause a huge surge in the catabolic hormone, Cortisol.

Here's why a massive release of Cortisol is the LAST thing you want if you're trying to lean up fast…

  • Increased storage of NEW body fat (especially around your waistline)
  • Accelerated break down of muscle tissue for use as fuel
  • Dramatically slower metabolic rate
  • Lower energy levels
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Plus, a compromised immune system…

So, where does that leave you?

If traditional cardio isn't the fat loss solution that you thought it was, then what should you be doing to burn off the body fat that covers up the lean and athletic physique you want?

Introducing Hardcore Anabolic Finishers!

If you recall, the real power behind the 30-Day Anabolic ReBoot's ability to help you burn fat fast, lies in how it forces a surge in both your anabolic hormone levels and your metabolic rate.

So with that in mind, I developed these "Hardcore Anabolic Finishers" to go hand in hand with the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" to help you get the FASTEST fat-loss possible!

All you need to do is manipulate your training to FURTHER increase your anabolic hormone levels and metabolism, while putting a stop to the Cortisol release that is making fat-loss virtually impossible.

Do that and you'll burn 3x more body fat as traditional "cardio" routines in a third of the time that it normally takes.

And the way you achieve this is with the same high intensity training protocol that at a fundamental level makes the entire "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" such a powerful fat loss tool.

Using these powerful and fast paced fat-loss workouts at the end of your daily workouts (in place of traditional cardio) will deliver some out of this world benefits!

  • Accelerated Fat-Loss: When you use multi-joint movements in a high intensity circuit format, not only will you cause a MASSIVE increase in your Testosterone levels, but also a major jump in your metabolic rate. These elevations both lead to fat-loss at rates that you simply have to see to believe!
  • Stop Cortisol In Its Tracks: The very nature of WHY these specialized high intensity workouts are such powerful tools in your fat burning arsenal, is that not only do they elevate your anabolic hormone levels and metabolism, but they suppress the catabolic hormone, Cortisol, that makes burning fat practically impossible!
  • Faster Workouts: In order to increase your Testosterone levels and Metabolic Rate, the key is intensity. And with the heightened levels of intensity that are drawn into these powerful "finishers", the amount of time you have to spend in the gym to get such fast and dramatic results will literally be cut in half!
  • Increased Strength & Power Output: The increases in your Testosterone are not by accident or coincidence. They are by design! And they're a direct response to the specific exercises that make up the workouts. Not only will these exercises (done in a high intensity circuit format) increase your Testosterone, but they have an added bonus of dramatically increasing both the strength & power output of the muscles that act as your major lifts limiting factors. You won't just lean up, but also get as strong & powerful as a well-oiled athletic machine!
  • Stay Lean & Muscular Year Round: The ability to maintain a degree of muscularity and leanness year round is no small or easy task. But with these specially crafted high intensity workouts at your disposal, that's exactly what you'll be able to do!

As you can clearly see, the benefits of doing these "Hardcore Anabolic Finishers" far outweigh those of the traditional style of cardio that you may currently be doing.

Your Days of Doing Countless Hours of Boring and Cortisol Releasing Cardio Are Over!

Here's Everything You'll Be Getting Inside Your Copy of "Hardcore Anabolic Finishers"

  • Top 24 Anabolic Finisher Routines: These high intensity fat-loss routines will forever change the way you think about fat-loss. Not only do they burn 3X the body fat as normal cardio routines do, but they accomplish this in workouts that last 7 minutes or less (a far cry from those 30-60 minute treadmill sessions that are both boring and ineffective).
  • Anabolic Fat-Loss Files: Welcome to the NEW laws of fat-loss! When it comes to understanding what it takes to lean up, this list of fat-loss practices that are backed by the latest scientific research, as well as undeniable results, are going to give you the clear advantage that you are looking for!
  • 3 Biggest Fat-Loss Myths: Just as important as knowing what to do inside the gym to burn up more body fat, is knowing what NOT to do. Here you will learn all about the 3 biggest lies the health industry has been feeding you for years. Wipe out the mistakes that are as a result of falling victim to these lies, and you'll see pounds of unwanted body fat fall off your body in a matter of days!
  • Performance Fat-Loss Protocol: Most of the time you have to sacrifice strength and power output when it comes to leaning up. But with this powerful performance fat-loss principle guiding your workouts, not only will you burn an amazing 3X more body fat than regular cardio, but you'll dramatically increase the strength and explosiveness of your major anabolic lifts (the squat, bench press, and deadlift).
  • Anabolic Finisher Fat-Loss Plan: In order to make this powerful program as easy to use as possible for the most and fastest fat-loss during your "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" transformation, you'll have a foolproof implementation plan that shows you how to effortlessly integrate it in for maximal results. This is as simple and "plug 'n play" a fat-loss tool as it gets!
  • Plus much, MUCH more!

Using These "Hardcore Anabolic Finishers" Is Like Pouring Gasoline On Your Bodies Fat Burning Fire!

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself a simple question. Are those long bouts of cardio really giving you the ripped physique you are looking for?

I'm willing to bet they aren't…

So why keep doing them?!

With "Hardcore Anabolic Finishers", you'll be able to permanently ditch those boring routines, that do nothing but flood your body with Cortisol, and replace them with much faster working high intensity routines that get to the bottom of how your body best burns fat.

When it comes to how to burn MORE fat, and do so MUCH FASTER… these finishers are your golden ticket!

  • Force a Greater Release of the Fat Burning & Muscularity Building Hormone, Testosterone
  • Manipulate a Dramatic Increase In Your Metabolic Rate for RAPPID Fat-Loss
  • Prevent the Release of Muscle Wasting & Fat Storage Causing, Cortisol
  • Reveal More Shredded Abs, Muscular Arms, & A Superhero Like V-Taper (in a matter of days… not months)
  • Faster, More Sustainable Fat-Loss (Burn 3x More Fat In Half the Time As Traditional Cardio)
  • More Energy and Sex-Drive Than You Had in Your Late Teens and Early Twenties
  • Increased Strength, Explosiveness, And Athleticism

And the BEST part?

All of this is yours today for just $17!!!

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My only goal is for you to achieve the level of fat-loss that you want and deserve. That's why if at any point in the next 60 days you aren't supremely confident in the direction that your body is going with while using this powerful fat-loss companion to the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot", just let me or my 24/7 customer support team know and we'll give you a prompt 100% refund.

That's how confident I am that this will be the big difference maker you're looking for in pursuit of a more shredded and athletic physique!

The ball's in your court…

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