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"Swole System 2.0"

  • The done for you 12 wk. 'Conjugate Bodybuilding' workout plan that's helped transformed over 12,000 lifters into Jacked, Ripped, Athletic Ass-Kicking Machines!
  • 79+ Video tutorial sessions that will expose all of the 'Cheat Codes' that make it easy for you to set new lifting records and build more ripped muscle in a fraction of the time it usually takes.
  • Over 60 of the exact "Express Fat Burning Finisher" routines that will boost your metabolism and help you burn 300% more fat than regular cardio.

Normally $47

"Meathead Meal Plan"

  • The simple to use 'Plug-N-Chug' daily meal guide that allows you to choose exactly what you want to eat, while transforming your body into a fat burning & muscle building machine.
  • A complete list of "Anabolic Foods" that take all of the confusion and guess work out of your weekly "is this healthy or not" grocery store decision making.
  • Sample daily diet plans that show you exactly what to eat regardless if you're trying to add stacks of dense and dominant muscle mass, or chisel out a ripped and athletic physique.

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"Meathead Supplement Guide"

  • A clear and mapped out supplement guide that tells you what to take, how much to take, and when to take it so that you can get that extra boost to your workouts and get the better + faster results you're looking for.
  • Never get "duped" again! You'll discover the biggest supplement scams that the "industry" has been keeping from you for years, all the while lining their pockets with your hard earned cash and broken dreams. This'll keep you from wasting another dollar on supplements that simply don't work!
  • Both "Beginner" and "Advanced" daily supplement guides that show you exactly what to take for your specific level of fitness and your personal goals.

Normally $27

"Charged: Training Intensifiers"

  • The top 30 tested, perfected, and PROVEN 'training intensifier tactics' that you can add on to any workout in order to get better and faster results.
  • Sample routines that guide you through each tactic so that you're never bored or lost with ideas on how to spice up your training routines.
  • Easy to use 'Plug-N-Chug' format that shows you how to enter each of these tactics into your daily routines based on the exact goals you have for your workouts.

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"Re-Load: Anabolic Recovery Methods"

  • Every advanced recovery tactic professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes use to rebound fast from brutal workouts and get faster more impressive results.
  • A "done for you" guide on how to use these tactics in order to immediately create a more "anabolic" atmosphere inside your body for faster muscle gains and fat burning capabilities.
  • The exact formula my top clients use on a daily basis to avoid the catastrophic causes and symptoms of 'Overtraining'. If you follow this guide on a daily basis you'll be amazed at how much results you've been leaving on the table all this time!

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