Join The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge & Transform Your Physique In Less Time Than It Takes To Change A Tire Or Shave… 

If you want to burn fat nonstop all-day, with just a few minutes of exercise… and build chiseled, rock hard muscle in less time than it takes to grill a steak…

Then join this challenge.

The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge is for busy husbands and dads who don’t have time for long workouts…

… and would rather spend time on their hobbies or with their families than working their beach muscles in a crowded gym.

It’s also perfect if you don’t like working out. 


Maybe you used to love it, but now it feels like more of a chore. I promise, these workouts are the fastest you’ll ever do.


in minutes

You’ll get them done in just a few minutes and then get back to what you really want to do with your time - smoking brisket, playing golf, kicking back with a glass of scotch… whatever you want.

This challenge has already helped thousands of men build their best bodies ever.

They look great and feel even better. And they did it in less time than it takes most men to drive to a gym.

I’ll share some of their stories in a minute. And you can be next.

Just Take This At-Home Challenge And

You’ll Experience A Massive Life-Changing Transformation…

You won’t only look good naked…

Taking this challenge can also help reverse heart disease, blood sugar issues, and erectile dysfunction. Plus…

It’ll rescue you from the “burnout hormone”... a lethal hormone that breaks out like a virus in your body as you get older…

… and eats away at your muscles, wears down your joints, and makes body fat extra stubborn!


Hey -


here. And after my wife started having kids, I had to find a way to stay in shape without living in the gym like I’d done for so many years…

So I replaced my gym membership, barbells and dumbbells, and cardio routines with these quick and dirty kettlebell workouts…

And I’m not only in the best shape of my life…

… but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Because instead of living in the gym and eating chicken and broccoli all day…

I spend lots of time with my wife and kids (they even follow these workouts with me sometimes)...

And I have a lot more time to do other stuff I enjoy like hunt, fish, and travel.

I don’t have to be a stickler about my diet either.

These workouts give you more wiggle room with your diet… so you can eat more burgers and drink more chocolate milkshakes without it turning into pure fat (my favorite being apple fritters or an Almond Joy).

Plus these workouts train your body to function like a unit - meaning stronger joints, better posture, and amazing cardio.

You’ll Become An All-Around

Better Man When You Take This Challenge… 

Many men use their families and busy schedules as an excuse NOT to train. Then…

Their bodies to turn to mush. They have less energy. They’re plagued with aches and pains…

On a deeper level, they lose their edge. The spark between them and their significant other fades. And they don’t set a good example of what health looks like for their kids…

… so their kids just follow in their footsteps, down a path of being overweight and unhealthy because that’s the example they had growing up.


But with this challenge


all you need is a few minutes and you’ll get in the best shape of your life… your wife will love the “new you”... and your kids will have a living breathing role model right there in the house.

Everyone has a few minutes here or there to get in awesome shape - and despite what the fitness magazines say, that’s all you need.

You don’t need to look like Mr. Olympia or train like him either. You need something simple to shave off the extra fat and replace it with muscle. In fact…

Doing too much exercise can cause your body to mass produce the “burnout hormone”... 

… leading to stubborn belly fat, muscle loss, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and other major health concerns. More on that in a minute.

I Know It Sounds Too Easy: 

A Few Minutes Per Day To Transform Your Body…

But this is the exact style of training that Navy SEALs and UFC fighters use to boost their cardio, agility, and strength. Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Jason Momoa use it to get ripped for shirtless scenes really fast too.

All I’m doing is taking what works for them and condensing it into an at-home challenge that produces dramatic results.

It works for dudes, no matter how old you are, what shape you’re in, or how much weight you need to lose…

This Challenge Has Already Helped Thousands Of Men From All Walks Of Life Get Into The Best Shape Of Their Lives…


“I’m a factory worker and father of two. Bottom line, I don’t have a ton of time to train or diet.

This helped me dial it in and the results speak for themselves.

I’m stronger, leaner, and have WAY more energy for my kids! I’m hooked!”

~ Urtzi


“I used to get out of breath just climbing out of my car! 

Since starting your program 5 months ago, I’ve dropped 40 lbs. and feel fantastic!

Can’t wait to see where an entire year of using the challenge will take me!”

~ Gerry


“This journey has been nothing short of enriching. 

Beyond losing 101 lbs, it’s given me a sense of confidence and empowerment that I’ve never had before!”

~ Shawn


There Are Hundreds Of Stories Like These - Men From All Walks Of Life Who Used The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge To

Transform Their Bodies And Upgrade Their Lives… 

If they can do it, you can too. 

These guys all felt miserable at one point. They were overweight. Tired all the time. They looked in the mirror and hated what they saw staring back at them.

Then they joined the challenge and now they’re in the best shape of their lives.

Imagine what your before and after picture would look like. How proud your wife or girlfriend will be of you. How much more energy you’ll have for your kids. Feeling confident in yourself, shirt on or off.

The daily workouts in this challenge are powerful and efficient. And they initiate what I call…

The “Kettlebell Warrior Transformation Effect”...

Here’s what happens:

  • Your body begins to “recomp”-

which means you lose fat and build muscle at the same time. (Traditional gym workouts and cardio doesn’t recomp your body as quickly as these at-home kettlebell workouts).

  • Your body goes into nonstop “fat burning mode” -

because it boosts your fat burning hormones and resting meta bolic rate for up to 48-hours after your workout is complete (so you lose more fat when you aren’t workout out).

  • You develop “real world strength” -

meaning you’re stronger in every area of life, not just in the gym. So you’ll be able to pick up your kids, carry all the groceries into the house in one trip, move furniture around the house, and more. (You’ll notice those “ego metrics” go up too - like how many push-ups and pull-ups you can do).

  • Your testosterone & growth hormone levels will skyrocket -

because the exercises in this challenge utilize compound movements, which are BEST movements to boost your male hormones. (And studies show shorter workouts are better for initiating this testosterone and GH boost).

  • You’ll unlock tons of energy -

because these are nothing like traditional gym and cardio workouts that leave you gassed and lying in a puddle of sweat afterwards. They’re short, effective, and energizing!

  • Better posture -

because training with kettlebells in this way corrects muscle and core imbalances. (It’ll help reverse the damage done from hunching over, sitting and staring at screens all day).

  • Improved insulin sensitivity -

which means you can eat more of the foods you love without storing it as fat. (When you follow these workouts and then eat foods like wings and pizza, and steak and potatoes, the carbs from those foods are shuttled into your muscles to help them grow instead of sitting in your bloodstream).

  • Improved sexual function -

because these workouts get blood flowing everywhere in your body, including “down there”. (Better blood flow means stronger, harder, lasting bedroom performance).

  • Better cardiovascular health -

because these workouts also get your heart rate up. (This is huge because training your cardiovascular system can help prevent heart disease, the #1 killer of dads and husbands today).

You can expect all of that by

simply following this daily, step-by-step Kettlebell Warrior Challenge. 

It works much better than traditional workouts. Because…

Traditional Workouts Release What Doctors Call




This burnout hormone is cortisol…

Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s helpful in emergency situations.

Your body produces it in short bursts when you need to fight or flee. However…

If your body produces too much cortisol for too long - due to constant stress…

It creates a “burnout effect”...

And instead of helping you… cortisol hurts you. When your body produces too much cortisol it makes your belly fat extra stubborn, accelerates muscle loss, makes you tired… 

… it can also lead to increased risk of heart attack, metabolic disease, erectile dysfunction, and other diseases and conditions.

What most men don’t realize is the busier you get, the higher your stress levels get…

And trying to add most traditional workouts on top of that increases your stress levels even more…

Which is making you fat, sore, and weak… and giving you that “old” feeling. So…


If you wake up early to workout… stop. It’s increasing your cortisol levels.

While you sleep your body “recharges”...

As it “recharges” it shuts down cortisol production and helps you recover from yesterday’s stress. But…

If you cut your sleep short, your body doesn’t fully recover… and as a result your stress mounts and mounts until cortisol overloads your body.


When that happens it doesn’t matter how hard you train. You won’t lose fat or build muscle. And you’ll feel like crap all the time.


The workouts inside the Kettlebell Warrior Challenge are around 6 minutes long.

I designed them to be that short so you can do them anytime of day. Even if you decide to do it in the morning… you won’t have to wake up extra early to do it.

You get to decide. Just pick the best time of day when you can find 6-minutes to train…

Do the workout challenge for that day…

And you’ll have a powerful and efficient workout that destroys belly fat, builds muscle, supercharges cardiovascular health, and skyrockets testosterone production…

… and it won’t increase your cortisol levels.


Have you ever heard of that Greek myth about Sisyphus, who was punished by Zeus and forced to roll a boulder up a giant hill for eternity…

… no matter how far he got, when he got tired, the boulder would roll back down the hill and he’d have to start over.

Long, high-intensity gym sessions punish your body the same way.

When workouts get too long, your body floods with cortisol…


As a result your body stores fat, feeds on its own muscle for energy, and causes joint pain that makes it hard to keep working out. In other words…

You’re doing all that work, but not really getting anywhere… just like Sisyphus.


Studies show the “less is more” approach to training is the BEST option for busy men over 30.

Just 6-minutes of high-efficiency cycle workouts like the ones inside the Kettlebell Warrior Challenge…

* Burns hundreds of calories in just one session…

* Ignites your fat burning hormones for 48-hours after you train…

* Torches belly fat…


* Supercharges your metabolism and keeps it running all day…

* Elevates testosterone and growth hormone…

* And transforms your body composition…


One of the biggest mistakes men make as they get older is taking up distance running.

The first problem is distance running doesn’t build muscle. And after 30, your body starts to lose muscle quickly…

… so if you don’t combat age-related muscle loss with some form of resistance training, you lose strength and your metabolism slows to a crawl due to that muscle loss.

Distance running also really ramps up cortisol production.


When you spend an hour pounding your ankles, knees, and hips on the pavement or treadmill, it causes inflammation - and your body releases cortisol as a response.


Cortisol levels don’t elevate within the first 10-minutes of exercise… but they DOUBLE once you reach the 30-minute mark! So…

You want to keep your workouts short and to the point… and do exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck (and build muscle, torch fat, boost cardio, increase testosterone, and more - all at once).

The elite swing training workouts inside the Kettlebell Warrior Challenge do exactly that…

… clocking in at around 6 minutes, training your entire body… plus the exercises don’t pound your joints. In fact…

Men who follow these workouts are shocked to discover their joints feel amazing!

These workouts also reduce inflammation, improve posture, and virtually bulletproof your body from injuries.

Swap Your Current Workouts With The

Kettlebell Warrior Challenge And You’ll Look Good Naked & Feel Amazing!

I can tell you from personal experience and from the thousands of stories from guys who’ve taken this challenge…

Your transformation will blow everyone away. And your whole life will improve.

You’ll shed body fat faster than you ever have before. Replace squishy body fat with chiseled muscle. You’ll see your abs and fill out your shirtsleeves. Plus…

You’ll have tons of energy to set the pace with your wife and kids. Focus better at work. Crush your daily task list…


And because these workouts unlock a surge of testosterone - you’ll have teenage-like vigor in the bedroom (she’ll love that).

You’ll Feel Like A New Man…

All You Have To Do Is Take The Challenge! 

Best of all…

Your life won’t revolve around long gym workouts.

This challenge is gonna free up hours every week that you can use to spend with your loved ones or on the things you really enjoy in life…

… instead of being packed like a sardine in a gym with a bunch of meatheads. Plus…

You can do them at home and set an awesome example for your kids to follow. (My kids love working out with me - and it’s a great bonding moment for us).

You just need a few minutes and a kettlebell… and you can’t lose.

Join The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge And Get Life-Changing Results Like These Guys:

“After hitting a weight I was frankly unhappy with…

I knew I needed to do something to take back control of my life.

Chandler’s challenge changed my life! I feel empowered beyond belief!”

~ Graham


“After a major health scare, my physician told me I needed to lose at least 50 lbs if I wanted to live.

I felt hopeless and directionless. That’s when I found Chandler and this challenge.

It helped me drop that weight and more! I’ve lost 101 lbs and can’t speak highly enough about this!”

~ Scott


“I’ve been doing your workouts religiously.

I went from a slow, soft, and depressed 338 lbs to a strong, explosive, energy-filled 237 lbs!

I’m ragdolling guys half my age in my grappling classes, and feel better at 57 than I did at 25!”

~ Mike



The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge


The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge is your ticket to your best body ever. 

There are 13-phases to the challenge - each a month long…

And each phase will help you get even more ripped, strong, energy-charged, and testosterone-pumped than the previous one.

When you complete the challenge you’ll get a FREE T-SHIRT and live forever in the Kettlebell Warrior Challenge Hall of Fame.

You don’t need a gym. You don’t need to cut out all your favorite foods. You don’t need to miss out on family time or your hobbies.

These workouts are so powerful all you need is a few minutes and you’ll experience the “kettlebell warrior transformation effect” like thousands of other men have.


Beginning with your first session… your testosterone levels and metabolism will skyrocket… and your body will enter non-stop “fat burning mode”...

From there you’ll torch fat shockingly fast and harden up your muscles in just minutes per day… and rewind the effects of “Father Time”...

Meaning more energy, less joint pain, and your sex drive will come surging back to life.

Here’s An Overview Of Each Phase Of

the Kettlebell Warrior Challenge

Phase 1:

Indoctrination Phase

This first month is a 30-day “Indoctrination Period” that will focus on helping you build more comfort with the kettlebell, increase your work capacity and strength endurance (to help quickly shave off 5-10 lbs of “anchor weight”)...

And allow your body to adapt to the training in the months ahead that’ll continue to rev-up the speed and degree of your fat-loss.

Phase 2:

Amplification Phase

Everything accomplished in the first month will be AMPLIFIED and built upon in this one!

Nothing crazy, just continuing to push the envelope and build more of the aerobic and anaerobic endurance necessary to see better and faster results.

Phase 3:

Functional Muscle Phase

Everything you accomplish in the first two months will prepare your body for more training volume - which will embody our daily workouts moving forward.

Starting this month we will begin performing a two-phase daily training system.

The first phase being a “Core Lift Phase” that focuses on exclusive work with our main movements, and the second phase being a “Performance Conditioning Phase” that’ll help you strengthen weak points while improving your level of conditioning (on both the performance end as well as the “look better naked” end).

Phase 4:

Acceleration Phase

This month’s set of workouts is something I like to call the “Acceleration phase.”

We’ll focus on single kettlebell offset exercises that activate your CORE.

Since you’ve learned the fundamental movements in the previous phases, we’ll implement complete offset training so your body can develop a strong core and increase strength in every exercise you do in the future.

Phase 5:

Deload Phase

This month is all about giving some time for the body to adjust to the amount of load you’re putting on your muscles.

To prevent increases in the “burnout hormone” we’ll make phase 5 a “deload” phase… meaning we’ll lower the volume a bit and focus on your core…

Which gives your muscles and joints time to recover while stimulating your muscles enough to keep the gains train chuggin’.

Phase 6:

Reload Phase

This month is all about “reloading” our guns and getting back into the two-circuit style of training. We’ll go with heavier weight this month to build more POWER and EXPLOSIVENESS.

We’ll do relatively similar lifts to previous months… but by increasing the weight, your muscles will be under tension that they aren’t used to… which stimulates bigger, stronger growth.

Phase 7:

Explosive Strength Phase

This month is all about gaining more explosive power and strength to give you more athleticism in conjunction with your physique.

The goal is to use phase one of the workout to increase the rate of maximal force development, while using phase two for continued strength endurance and increased metabolism.

I see it too often: bodybuilders who focus too much on building their physique that they forget there is a reason for working out, and it’s not just to look good.

Having athleticism will not only make lifting easier, but it will quite literally help you get out of bed easier in the morning.

Phase 8:

Diesel Strength Phase

In month 8, we will focus on increasing MAXIMAL strength.

We’ve been developing strength, power, endurance, and form throughout the challenge thus far. But this month you’ll train heavier in the core phase to increase maximal strength so you can lift some damn heavy weight.

In order to progress, you need your muscles to get accustomed to lifting heavier weights, even if it’s for less reps than usual. This way in the near future, you’ll be able to lift maximal weight with perfect form and explosive power.

Phase 9:

Redirection Phase

Welcome to month 9 of the program, a time period I like to call the “redirection phase.”

For the most part, we’ll be sticking to the same heavy, high volume interval training while keeping a balance of different movement patterns.

This allows us to cover all areas of each muscle group to develop insane growth and strength gains while maintaining the mind muscle connection for each lift without compromising our bodies.

The reason I like to call this the “redirection phase” is because we will be using dumbbells instead of kettlebells to give our muscles a different type of stimulus… resulting in new growth.

Phase 10:

The Bottomless Gas Tank Phase

Welcome to month 10 of the program, a phase we're calling THE BOTTOMLESS GAS TANK!

This month we will be focusing on increasing your metabolic rate by implementing higher repetitions per set while lowering the weight.

This will increase your overall muscular endurance which, in the long run, will help you lift heavier weight for more reps and boost cardiovascular function.

This will give you that “bottomless gas tank” so that during each and every workout you will have the energy capacity you need to complete them effectively and efficiently.

Phase 11:

The Reboot Phase

This month we will be focusing on a deload period to prime and ready your body for the final push of the challenge.

You’ll taper down your workouts to give your body sufficient rest and recovery (which will be critical leading up to the final phase).

This deload will help you maintain your muscle mass while giving your body an extended rest period… leading to neuromuscular rehabilitation and stronger, more compact muscular structure.

Phase 12:

The Rebirth Phase

This is the final month of the One Year to Warrior before we hit our Ultimate KB Challenge Phase that unlocks your Warrior T-Shirt.

I want you to put everything you got into this month!

Now that you are one hundred percent accustomed to the type of lifts we have been doing, we are going to take everything we’ve learned and translate into the most badass month of workouts that we have ever completed.

I like to call this phase the “Rebirth Phase” because you’ll feel reborn after this month!

Phase 13:

The Ultimate KB Warrior Challenge Phase

This is the final month of the challenge and after this you'll get your FREE KB Warrior shirt!

This month is all about getting in MORE volume with moderate to heavy weights to help give your body the cumulative time under tension it needs to facilitate the growth of lean and POWERFUL muscle mass.

This means getting in sets with slightly higher volume and using weights that will challenge you all the way to the finish line - and completely transform your body.

Complete The Challenge. 
Get Your Free Kettlebell Warrior T-Shirt.

And Unlock A Transformation Like These Guys!

“After emergency gallbladder removal surgery, I ballooned to over 340 lbs and was really down on myself. 

Your challenge saved me!

After adding these routines and using your diet tips I’ve dropped down to 295 lbs… 

And I feel better and have more energy than I've had in years!”

~ John


“After my football career ended, I needed to make some serious changes. 

This challenge helped me navigate those changes and get the type of results I neverthought someone with my body type could achieve!”



“I can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant for my wife and children to see the changes that my body has gone through!

The results have given me a sense of pride and self esteem that I never had before! I feel like a new man!”

~ Aaron


When You Join The Challenge

I’ll Also Hook You Up With $139 Of Bonuses - For FREE!

30-Day Warrior Shred Diet


If you want to turn your body into a real-life fat burning machine…

You need to eat like a high-performance warrior on the battlefield.

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One of the fastest ways to boost your testosterone levels and get your edge back is by simply adding a select group of foods to your day

And inside the Top 27 Anabolic Foods I’ll share the BEST foods that you should always have stocked in your kitchen that’ll take your “fountain of youth” hormones to the next level.


Inside Top 27 Anabolic Foods you’ll learn…

  • The #1 vitamin that 77% of men are completely missing from their diet… that’s been proven in studies to ramp up testosterone almost instantly… (it’s basically a natural growth hormone “wonder drug” if you take it before bed).
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  • Why the 3 foods that make up the all-American breakfast combo are quite possibly the best way to start your day with a massive blast of testosterone… plus unbeatable muscle-building nutrients that’ll make it easy to dominate your 6-minute kettlebell workouts and show off a ripped physique sooner…
  • The best 2 beverages you can drink each morning that’ll boost your metabolism and start shredding body fat with every sip… a list of “super fats” that amp up energy levels and accelerate recovery after a workout… the only fruit juice you should ever drink for soaring testosterone… the best greens for warding off embarrassing “man problems” like E.D. and “man boobs”... and so much more!



Sleep is the most important “activity” you can do to “reverse aging”, boost testosterone levels and keep them as young as possible for as long as possible

So you can feel like the best version of yourself no matter how many candles are on the birthday cake.

Plus sleep is that one part of the day when your body can focus completely on recovering after workouts, “resetting” your hormones, and releasing tons of testosterone and growth hormone to come through for the following day.

That’s why inside the Anabolic Sleep Guide you’ll learn…

  • Why your body can do 1 of 2 things while you sleep… burn through muscle or BUILD IT… (and how to make sure you’re always building and never losing muscle when it’s time for light’s out.)
  • The #1 activity you should never EVER do in the bedroom that basically sucks important sleep hormones right out of your body and puts a huge roadblock in the way of your testosterone levels…
  • My EXACT bedtime protocol that I do every night while I wind down for bed to set my body in the perfect testosterone boosting environment…
  • The best window of time to sleep each night (yes timing matters)... and how you can use this specific time to manipulate your fat loss hormones and get leaner hour by hour without even trying!
  • How to trigger muscle recovery hormones while you sleep… 2 spices you can dump on a hearty steak and potato for dinner that’ll boost your libido in the bedroom and help you fall into a deeper sleep almost instantly when it’s time for light’s out… an “old fashioned” chocolate dessert that’ll improve blood flow all night long… how to get stronger while you sleepand so much more!

Less Than $1 Per Day To Become A

Kettlebell Warrior - And Completely Transform Your Body And Life!

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  • Daily follow along workouts
  • Daily follow along emails
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  • Warrior eating plan
  • Anabolic shortcuts to maximize your T-levels
  • Mobile App (iOS + Android)
  • LIVE coaching
  • Get your questions answered in the Brotherhood
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Take the Challenge & earn your 
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Joining the challenge is the BEST decision you’ll ever make for yourself. These guys will tell you the same:


I've been using your workouts for the past 5 months and can't believe how quickly the weight is falling off! Not only that, my energy levels are through the roof! For the first time in 7 years I was able to crush a tough hike!

~ Mike Schumaci


When COVID hit and I was working from home, I lost access to my gym and ballooned up to 260 lbs...Feeling ashamed of myself I looked for a home workout solution and found your kettlebell training system. 

In just 6 months I've dropped 50 lbs. and feel more energetic than I ever have before! Thank you!!

~ Doug Cavanaugh


"I've used countless different workouts and diets trying to lose that last little bit of weight around my stomach, and none have worked near as well or as fast as this! Coach MANdlers program has helped dramatically increase my muscularity, strength, endurance, and athleticism...all while working on a strict time budget! 

~ Alex Peterson


It’s Time To Make Your Decision…

You can ignore everything you learned on this page plus the tons of case studies from busy men who’ve followed this challenge and are now in the best shape of their lives.

You can keep trying to squeeze long workouts into your busy schedule. Losing weight and gaining it back. Starting a workout program and then stopping because it’s too hard to keep up with…

Or worse…

Do nothing and continue down the path millions of men take - which is to let your body get engulfed in fat, suffer through the day with low energy and joint pain…

… and instead of being a role model for your kids and a rock for your wife…


Your health goes off the rails and no one knows from one day to the next whether you’ll be around much longer.

You can keep living that way…

But, why?

Why would you go that route when you can shred all of that unwanted fat, supercharge your health, and become the best, most confident version of yourself for less than a measly dollar a day?

Taking care of your health is the best life insurance policy you’ve got. And staying fit is the only way to guarantee you can live life to the fullest with the people you love. So…

You can’t afford NOT to take this challenge, man.

You can finally lose the stubborn belly and chest fat that’s making you miserable…

And replace the stubborn, old guy, “dad bod” with a chiseled, head-turning physique.

You can become a superhero to your kids and a “hottie” to your wife… and enrich your life and live it to the max. But it all starts here.

All you have to do is click that button below to join the challenge!

Asked Questions

The Kettlebell Warrior Challenge is specifically designed for busy men who want to help burn stubborn body fat, build lean muscle, boost testosterone and metabolism so you can eat what you want, enjoy life with your loved ones, and feel your best without having to follow long workouts.