The Simple Diet Equation That Will Help You Solve Your Muscle Building Woes 

You might not believe me if I told you, but I used to have the hardest time building muscle…

This problem was compounded by the fact that often times out of frustration with the “failures” I was experiencing, I would work twice as hard in the gym. And you know what would end up happening? I swear to God I’d lose the weight I was trying to gain!!! 

Something wasn’t right.

The way I figured, if you work twice as hard to build something you should get twice the results. Not get twice as far from your goal!!!

I didn’t realize at the time, but the problem had less to do with the grinding I was doing in the gym and more to do with the work I WASN’T doing inside the kitchen.

That’s the point that I went to the drawing board and figured out the error of my ways (and as it turns out, the error of almost every Hard-Gainers are making). 

Turns out, no matter how hard you work in the gym, you can’t out work a poor diet. Your diet sucks, and your results will follow suit. 

After finding this lesson out the hard way, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

So here we go. I’ve discovered two facts that you need to come to grips with RIGHT NOW if you want to build any mass as a Hard-Gainer. 

1. The amount of muscle you gain from your work inside the gym is either going to be maximized or minimized by the work you do inside the Kitchen. 

2. You simply MUST put your body into what’s called a “caloric surplus”. This means that you consume more calories than your training and your bodies’ natural metabolic processes burn off.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize that you have to match that caloric surplus that you’re going for with quality food choices…

After all, what you put in your body will dictate what you get out of it…

And if that means you’re just stuffing your face with trash food instead of the nutrient rich foods that your muscles are starving for, then not only will you NOT gain any of the dominating size that you want, but your performance is going to suffer big time! (Poor performance leads to lack of muscular activation and little to no hope for any muscle growth)… 

Look, I don’t want to see you have to beat your head against a wall like I was doing for so long. It sucks and you DON’T have to do that.

Fix your diet and enjoy your gains! 

And as long as I’m on the subject of sharing simple solutions to problems with your ability to gain muscle as a Hard-Gainer, I have to let you in on something I discovered about training…

You see although Nutrition is a huge indicator of whether or not you can expect to get the muscle gains you want, there might be another issue at fault as well…

A lot of people fail MISERABLY at initiating and recruiting many of the muscle fibers that are responsible for muscle growth.

That means a TON of the gains that you could be getting right now are being left on the table…

Again, I’m not ok with that and neither should you be!

If you’re putting in the hard work in the gym (and hopefully the kitchen too), you deserve to be building the muscle that you want…

And I’ve figured out how you can do just that!

With our new eBook “Primed” you’re gonna learn the same tricks I’ve used to help all of my members at the Man Cave recruit MORE muscle fibers in order to build MORE muscle.

This way you too can pick up all of the results you might be leaving on the table and shed the label of “Hard-Gainer” that has been plaguing your weight gaining goals.

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