Conquer Your Fat-Loss Plateaus With These 4 Tricks

If I asked 20 random guys working out at any gym why they’re training, I’d bet my left nut at least 18 of them would say they just wanted to get toned up. Whether that’s to give them the confidence they need to be able to ask out the dime piece that they don’t have the stones to even say “hey” to, or if they’re competing in their first bodybuilding competition, nothing sucks more than hitting a wall in that pursuit.

The dreaded “Fat-Burning” plateau!

Well, as much as hitting these plateaus blow, I don’t want you to think that you’re completely screwed and should just quit, so I want to share with you four tricks that I use that dig me out of these dreadful holes…

1) Add 'Express Workouts' To Your Routine

I recently stumbled upon these after recalling how shredded all of my buddies who played football at the Univ. of Florida got when they went through Two-A-Days. And wouldn’t you know, this 2-A-Day principle is just as effective at quickly getting you shredded and more muscular as it is at prepping football players to be well-conditioned machines!

So what are they and how do you do them?

Pretty simple…they’re fast paced, 10-15 minute, mini-workouts done in a circuit format that you do immediately upon waking up. Turns out, these are far more effective at melting fat than prancing around for an hour on a stairclimber or elliptical ever was!

Why do these blow traditional cardio out of the water?

Pretty simple…they rev up your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories at rest, and prevent the catabolic hormone cortisol from causing you to actually store fat (yea, traditional cardio causes BIG increases in cortisol).

Here’s a sample one I did this morning that gave me a sick pump:

 5 Rounds As Fast As Possible

a) Barbell Standing Overhead Press (10 reps)

b) Pull Ups (5 reps)

c) Wide Grip Push Ups (10 reps)

d) Dumbbell Curls (10 reps / arm)

e) Jump Rope (50 jumps)

The key to these like I said is doing them as fast as you can. This’ll drive up your heart rate and make it hard as hell….but that’s what you want! That’s what drives up your Resting Metabolic Rate and gets you superhero ripped!

And oh yea, the exercises that you do in these are ‘weak point exercises’…so you won’t just get shredded and more muscular with them, you’ll be increasing your strength too! That way, you’ll be able to perform as badass as you look!

2) Down a 'Muscle-Mocha' Before Training

Supplement questions are without a doubt the most common questions I receive when it comes to working out. Hell, the supplement industry is a $60 Billion per year business. And its fat burning division rakes in over 75% of that! But believe it or not, the best fat-burner I’ve ever used is caffeine in the form of what I call a “Muscle Mocha”.

This is a cheap, delicious, and quite effective “formula” I’ve cooked up an it hasn’t failed me yet!

Here’s how you make it:

Mix 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein isolate with a cup of CAFFEINATED coffee, and pound it 30 minutes before you train (I do it before both of my daily workouts when trying to get ripped up). Follow it up with 2 cups of  water, and then you’re ready to go and crush it in the gym!

The reason this is so effective at melting away fat is two fold…

1) The amino acid Leucine in whey protein isolate does a fantastic job of helping to not just build lean muscle, but also better utilize fat as a fuel source to get through your workouts

2) Caffeine in coffee is a nervous system stimulant that helps to increase your metabolism for greater calorie burn, as well as a fat mobilizer that breaks down fat tissue for fast burning

Trust me, this delicious and cheap pre-workout drink will give you a far better fat burning jolt than anything you get over the counter at GNC or Vitamin-Shoppe!

Here's another sample 'Express Workout' routine for you to try...

3) Hit The 'Reset' Button

Remember that hormone ‘Cortisol’ I told you about? Well, when it comes to you being able to burn fat, it’s public enemy number one! I take that back, because that description doesn’t do it justice….

Cortisol is the killer of all hope!

It’s a terrible succubus that wrecks your fat-loss goals faster than an all you can eat buffet of biscuits and gravy!

Well, believe it or not, one of the top reasons you might have this catabolic hormone coursing through your veins right now is that you might be overdoing it. Essentially you’re falling victim to your willingness to bust ass!

Now, I’m never one to tell you to let off the throttle, but every 5th or 6th week you should cut back your time in the gym so your body has a chance to “reboot” it’s production of the fat-burning hormone Testosterone.

4) Lift Heavy

It’s no secret what happens with your bodies endocrine system (hormone production plant) in response to the maximal exertion that you put it through when lifting heavy ass bar bending weights…Your anabolic hormone levels go through the roof!

Your body literally responds to the stress of heavy lifting by releasing the fat fighting and muscle sculpting anabolic hormone Testosterone.

Why does it have this response?

It’s your bodies way of saying “Hey, if I’m gonna keep up with the stress that this meathead is putting me through with these workouts, I gotta send out some Testosterone to build more lean muscle”. And what’s one of the amazing things that lean muscle tissue does?

Bingo! Burn Fat!!!

So don’t go soft and quit lifting heavy, because it’s got some serious fat burning properties that you just can’t afford to pass up on…

As you can tell with these 4 proven tricks, if you’re really hitting a rut with your fat burning, it might not be as simple as the calories in vs. calories out equation that so many make the rookie mistake of believing.

A lot of it has to do with your bodies internal chemical response to the training that you’re doing.

And if you want #1 way I’ve found to make sure that your fat burning anabolic hormones are turned “on”, your metabolism is revved up, and your fat storing hormones are held in check, then you need to make sure and check out the “Anabolic Primer System” that I’ve got for you…