Start Unlocking Your FULL Muscle Building & Fat Burning Potential!
I’ll expose you to my exact blueprint that will help you train at your bodies “Full Genetic Potential”- so that you can transform your workouts AND your body!!!

Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • “Jump Start Training Primer” The 9 minute and 47 second workout that will help activate your muscles for faster Muscle Building and Fat Burning
  • “SWOLE Blockers” I will expose you to the 4 biggest culprits that are “locking” your muscles up and preventing you from training at your true potential
  • “Genetic Freak System” Learn the simple core activation tricks designed to initiate more muscle so that you can build the size, strength and ripped body that may have everyone at the gym labeling you a “Genetic Freak”
  • “Explosive Strength Secrets” Ever wonder how some people can make the toughest and heaviest lifts look like a piece of cake? I’ll show you some “missing ingredients” in your training program that can help you become more explosive than dynamite!!