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Get Your Copy of 'BARBELL CHEAT CODES' Below

  • Q.How do these ‘Cheat Codes’ work?

    A.Your body needs to lift at 100% of its maximal efficiency in order to reach its full strength and muscle building potential. The problem is, so few of the people that bench press, squat, or deadlift know HOW to lift at 100% efficiency. These form efficiency “cheat codes” inspired by my premier lifting coach, will teach you all of the tricks that he used on myself, and his record setting lifters so that you too can make the gains that you work so hard for, and deserve.

  • Q.My Shoulders hurt whenever I bench press. Will these “Cheat Codes” allow me to bench press without any pain?

    A.I can’t tell you how many times lifters have come to me complaining about how the front of their shoulders hurt while bench pressing. This problem is almost always because of the “power-angles” that are off kilter within your bench press. By correcting these “power-angles”, and the plane of movements that your arms go through in comparison to your chest and hips, you’ll immediately alleviate the stress on your shoulders that is being caused by benching, and even increase the amount of weight you can lift and size you can gain!

  • Q.I’ve been training for years. Why would I need these ‘Cheat Codes’?


    As I mentioned before, most people regardless of how long they’ve lifted, have never received the type of top tier insider form lifting cues that many of the worlds top powerlifters and bodybuilders use to set records in the amount of weight they can lift, and muscle mass they can build. It comes down to form…and because so many of us fail to lift at 100% of our natural potential, we never recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers to lift the amount of weight that our ‘TRUE’ strength potential permits. This not only limits our strength gains, but naturally the amount of lean muscle mass we’re able to produce. By simply fixing the “form” issues, and plugging in the “weak-point” exercises that are laid out for you, the gains in maximal strength and muscularity are practically limitless!

  • Q.My knees constantly give me problems whenever I squat. Will the “Cheat Codes” allow me to squat pain free and see the gains I’ve been told that squats can deliver?

    A.Having knee pain while squatting is without a doubt one of the most common complaints from lifters. Luckily, the problem is not just one of the simplest to solve, but one that once you do solve yields remarkably fast gains! See, the problem is usually a “Bar and/or Hip Tracking” issue (how you initiate the movement of the squat). Once you fix this issue, not only will it immediately alleviate the pain that you’re experiencing in your knees, but you’ll recruit more muscle fibers for more strength and size gains.

  • Q.How fast do they work?

    A.The strength and power gains, as well as the ne mind blowing pumps that you’ll receive are instant. And the gains in new, dense muscle mass will happen within a week or two. That’s the real beauty about these ‘Cheat Codes’…they instantly put you in a position to get the results you’ve been leaving on the table this whole time. It’s kind of like hitting the “Lifting Auto-Correct” button for your main muscle maximizing core lifts.

  • Q.Will they work regardless of my age or experience?

    A.Absolutely they will! Young or old…beginner or advanced…. I’ve never consulted with any of my clients that I couldn’t find at least an extra 35 lb. of max out potential in all three of their muscle maximizing lifts! Bottom line, these tricks will be the most powerful source of new gains that you can expect to receive without having to experiment with any expensive and illegal anabolic steroids. That’s a promise! They’re scientifically proven and guaranteed to work….every time for every body!

  • Q.How were they discovered?

    A.After feeling deep down that my hard work in the gym wasn’t delivering the gains that I deserved, I paid for private coaching from the world’s premier powerlifting and bodybuilding coach to examine where my faults were. Luckily it was as simple as fixing the form lifting issues that were limiting my strength, power, and muscle building potential. And after seeing immediate gains in each category, I used them on all of my gym and online clients with even MORE success.

  • Q.Do I need any special equipment?

    A.All you need is a bench press, a squat rack, and a barbell. If you want to take it next level you’ll make sire to have a spotter learn these tricks as well so that they can cue you while going through the lifts and make sure you are using them correctly. You can take these tricks with you in whatever gym you go to and see better gains than any other program, supplement, or diet that you’ve ever used!

  • Q.Every time I deadlift, I feel like my lower back is doing all of the work. Will your “Cheat Codes” stop this pain, and allow me to deadlift without worrying about hurting my back?

    A.The deadlift is by far the most complex, misunderstood, and misused lifts used in the gym today. And one of the biggest reasons people avoid it, or reluctantly use it, is because of the back pain that it causes so many people that have the balls to actually do it! The problem lies in how you “initiate” the lift. Using the “triggering” and “lever alignment” tricks outlined for you inside the “Deadlift Cheat Codes” module will teach you how to recruit more of your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lats so that you can take the stress off of your lower back, and immediately alleviate the lower back pain that’s ruining your deadlift experience. Not only that, but it’ll deliver immediate gains to your maximal strength/explosiveness, while making it easy to build more dense and dominant muscle mass.

  • Q.I'm trying to build muscle as well as increase my strength. Will these 'Cheat Codes' help in that area as well?

    A.Yes they will! Because one of the key factors of why these ‘Cheat Codes’ are so effective is the fact that they dramatically increase the amount of muscle fibers that are recruited, your growth potential will got through the roof! Not just this, but you’ll get mind blowing pumps every time you hit the gym. Guaranteed!

Get Your Copy of 'BARBELL CHEAT CODES' Below