For Real Men Only:

Discover the "#1 Lie" that’s attacking your manhood and preventing you from becoming a total BADASS with insane strength, confidence, power, sex appeal & success as a man. 

To All the Men out there,

Listen up, cuz I’m only gonna say this once…


And those lies are costing you your manhood.

But that’s all about to change – starting TODAY. Right now…

What I’m about to share with you is something nobody else will ever tell you about:

√ Exploding your confidence…

√ Developing raw masculine power…

√ Attracting women effortlessly…

√ And conquering everything you want in your life

You see, we’re experiencing an epidemic in this country – actually all around the world.

It’s a sickness actually…

The "Feminization" of Man

All around, men are becoming too damn feminine. Too soft and weak.

Sure, women say they want a “sensitive man”…but then these are the same women who secretly crave a real man…and complain because they never meet men who “take charge”…

Yeah, in the bedroom too.

And it’s not just with women that this problem shows up.

So many guys I know today struggle with their career direction, money, with goals…all kinds of shit that men should NEVER struggle with.

Blame it on the feminist movement. The sensitive man movement. The estrogen-causing chemicals in our food supply. A whole bunch of stuff.

And It Doesn’t Really Matter “What” Is Causing This…
It’s About What We as Men Are Going to DO About It

Because to be a man, is to TAKE ACTION.

Unfortunately, most guys turn to personal development mumbo jumbo and bullshit.

Look Bro, if you could read a book and learn how to be a better man – you would have done it.

Hell, every guy would have done it. It’s the same reason those ridiculous dating books will never help you get good with women. It’s all bogus.

So forget about all that “change your life” BS you see in books, or God forbid – some idiot author you might see on Oprah on Dr. Phil.

No – the real secret to all of this is a whole hell of a lot simpler…

It’s About Working From the Outside In...

What I’m about to share with you is the opposite of the personal development approach.

My premise – and I’ve seen this work for me and countless guys I’ve coached, trained and worked with – is…

You need a man’s body.

That’s first and foremost.

You see, most guys are so scrawny, soft and estrogen-filled in their body – it doesn’t matter much how they change their thinking or mindset.

If you have a shamefully weak physique – how can you ever expect to get the respect that you want and NEED as a man?

It’s so simple, many guys resist this fact.

But in this case, the simplest answer is the truest one.

Just imagine how different you’ll feel with…

A Ripped, Powerful, Swole Body That Intimidates Other Men and Turns the Heads of Women Everywhere You Go

Yes, it’s possible.

Even if you’re fat, soft, weak or scrawny right now.

And if you’re the kind guy who already works out – what I’m about to share with you is going to give you the body you’ve always wanted.

But it’s not just about your body…

Because when you change your physique in the way I’m going to show you – everything about you changes and you become a ton more manly in every way…

FIRST, your confidence skyrockets. You feel invincible, like no one can stop you.

SECOND, you become much more focused, on top of your game, and on point – no nonsense or BS.

THIRD, you have a shitload more testosterone and other MAN Quotient developing hormones coursing through your veins, your sense of raw male power goes through the roof…

FOURTH, women take notice. Because there aren’t many real men with powerful physiques out there, women instantly begin to notice your body. And they can’t help but be drawn to you. It’s in their DNA.

FIFTH, other stuff in your life begins to fall into place. You clarify your goals more easily. You stay more disciplined and focused. You demand and TAKE what you want.

Why? Because these are all male qualities – and with that super powerful body that eludes most guys, you change from the outside in.

I’ve Done It – and So Have Tons of Guys I’ve Coached...

Look, I wasn’t always the swollen specimen of a man you see before you right now.

In fact, there was a time when I was fat…lacked confidence… was pretty much a complete slob and loser.

I say that in all seriousness.

Being flat broke, fat and just disgusted with myself – I remember just looking in the mirror one day and getting so pissed I just snapped.

I HAD to figure out way to make a change – starting with that physical disgrace that was looking back at me in the mirror.

So I began to work out hard, and research all kinds of ways for building size and strength…

Most Were Total Bullshit, Of Course.

From infomercial hype – to those pumped up bodybuilders all roided up – it seemed very few guys had the kind of strength I was personally looking for.

I’m talking about real man, functional strength – strength that’s useful AND shows on your body in ways that other men envy.

Eventually I found it. It wasn’t an overnight “magical moment” like most of these marketers hype in their programs, but really the slow development and perfecting of a system.

A system that helped me totally change my body forever – and pretty much any guy I showed it to.

Not by magic…not by any miracle pills or any of that nonsense – but by a unique combination of exercises and routines that transform you and give you the physique most guys can only dream about.

I call it…

The Step-By-Step Way to Reclaiming Your 'Man Quotient' By Transforming Your Body

Now, first thing that should be obvious is that I don’t fuck around.

I give you the straight truth about everything – including my own system.

I’m not here to give you some fancy spiel about how awesome I am – that’s obvious 😉 – or how amazing the MANamorphosis program is.

Instead, I’m going to let my own results, along with those I’ve trained – speak for themselves.

And of course, I’ll give you the facts about this process and why it works so well.

So here’s what I’ve got for you:

The 5 Levels of MANamorphosis 

What makes a man truly powerful and dominant?

I’ve discovered there are 5 levels – and I’ve created steps to help you move up the ladder as realistically as possible – without any of that “easy fix” bullshit that sabotages your progress.

Here are the 5 levels:

Now, this chart may seem funny – but it’s actually a serious thing. And if you’re anything below the Dude or Badass Navy Seal level right now – you’ve got some serious work to do.

Here’s how I’m going to get you there:

2 Key Traits of the Powerful & Dominant Male

To help you "MANamorphosize" into the best version of yourself – these are the areas you need to focus on:

1) Maximal StrengthYes, real man needs to be able to lift heavy weight. But that’s not all…it has to be the right exercises that give you balance and raw power to your physique, give you manly proportions and effectiveness to your muscles, and all in a way that increases your ability to do functional work – whether it’s a sport, fighting, hunting or some other thing you need strength for.

We’re talking raw, primitive type strength here – that’s the only way to truly build your "man quotient".

2) Muscular EnduranceIt’s not enough to be strong, you’ve got to be able to last as well. Who gives a shit if you’re strong, but you get tired in 30 seconds? Just like any stud in the bedroom, you’ve got to have strength that LASTS…and I’ll give you my exclusive set of tips and tricks for getting there.

These are two areas you absolutely MUST maximize!!!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit there’s a whole lot of noise out there about getting stronger or improving your endurance – from workout machines to fitness memberships to expensive nutritional supplements…

But we’re not talking any of that nonsense.

This is essentially a step-by-step blueprint for…

Exploding Your Man Quotient!!!

In just 12 weeks, you can be THE baddest mutherfucker you know.

Bigger. Stronger. More explosive. More powerful. Confident as hell.

No matter where you are right now, it’s possible for you to go through a nearly complete MANamoprhosis in just 12 weeks.

Each week, you’ll progress through simple yet deceptively effective methods and stages that transform you more rapidly than anything else you could possibly do.

Manception – The is the initial foundation that sets the stage for all the growth and power you’ll be layering on. I give you the most powerful exercises for building that FAST, and effectively.

Maxpansion – I’ll show you how to take the strength you have and expand it, to ridiculous levels. You’ll literally FEEL yourself getting bigger and stronger.

Maxplosion – It’s one thing to get strong. A lot of bodybuilders can lift heavy weights. But building explosive strength puts you on a whole different level. Not only does it make your strength way more functional – it also helps explode your male hormones and overall man quotient.

Mandurance – Vince Lombardi said “fatique makes cowards of us all.” And real men are NOT cowards. So you’ll also get a stunningly effective way to extend your endurance and have energy to spare, even when your training partners and “ordinary” guys are dropping like flies in the gym.

Manly Maxout – Part of this process is all about strategically maxing out at key intervals, to smash through plateaus and take your man quotient to another level. I’ll give you exact reps and a systematic way to build up to this so you get the biggest possible benefit.

MANsformation – This is the end outcome you get from this process. Little by little, your body is transformed – not just in what you can lift and do – but visually as well. Everyone will notice. Guys will either be intimated, or begging to know your secret.

And women will be eying you like never before. I know because I’ve seen it, and experienced it myself!!!

Everything You Get With the MANamorphosis System

This isn’t just another “product”…no overnight cure or magical system. Nothing like anything you’ll ever see peddled on an infomercial.

This is a real, step-by-step process that you can SEE and FEEL working as you do it. And it comes with key components that support you along the way:

For starters, you get…

The MANamoprhosis Manual – This 50-page guide walks you through the entire process, exactly what you need to do at every stage, week by week. Nothing is left out. Zero guesswork. I tell you exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Training Videos – Here, you get me SHOWING YOU the exact exercises you’ll be doing each week to explode your size and strength, and ramp up your man quotient. Everything is crystal clear – we cover all angles. You can even save or access these on your phone and take them to the gym so you have all the exercises right there.

Total Support – Not only do you get the manual and videos that walk you through everything, but you also get direct support from me and my team. You can ask us questions, send us your results and progress, and get near-instant guidance so that you correct your course along the way…here's my personal email ([email protected]), hit me up any time!!!

Remember, I’m not here to sell you another product. I could give a shit about a few extra bucks.

I have a successful gym filled with meatheads who’ve gone through this process, and are referring new coaching clients to me every single day.

For me, this is about reaching more guys – and reversing this disgusting trend of feminization that’s plaguing our society.

I’m sick of all the Justin Beibers' out there – we need more Navy Seals – and our goal is to help you make the most badass mutherfucker you know, bar none.

From the moment you send us your initial pictures, throughout the entire process – no matter how many questions you have – we’ll be there for you.

I’m determined to have you send in that “after” picture that’s just freaky impressive – where you’ve transformed your physique and whole existence as a man.

And I’m confident as hell I can make that happen. So confident in fact, that I’m…

Putting My PERSONAL Guarantee On It!!!

Here’s my promise to you:

The MANamorphosis System must engage and help transform you into the strong, powerful BADASS that you know you can be… in 60 days or less … otherwise you pay nothing.

That’s how confident I am that the process I share in the system will make a HUGE difference in your life.

Cutting-Edge Information … Incredible Value

Now, given everything you’ve seen – how much would you expect to pay for the complete MANamorphosis System?

First off, know that much of this information has never been released – not even my private coaching clients in my gym … because I’m been working on perfecting this system for the last 2 years.

If I ever offer one-on-one MANamorphosis coaching, it will be at least $500 per hour…and it will be a steal at that price.

If I offer seminars with even a hint of this information, it will be at least $1,000-or more.

Heck … many e-books in this niche can cost you as much as $70 – that’s just for digital PDF!

But now you get everything – my entire system and blueprint – with coaching and feedback included – FOR JUST $29.

Averaged out over the course of the next 12 weeks that it takes you to transform – that’s just 52 cents per day.

That’s about 90% each less than those girly Starbucks super duper frappacuino-type drinks that actually pump estrogen into your body like a firehouse.

In other words, you’d have to be INSANE not to take me up on this ridiculous offer!

Bottom Line:
You Can Be a Little Bitch –
Or a Real Man – The Choice Is Yours…

Remember the first two images I showed you? Well, it’s clear that you’re at a crossroads …

Imagine how much better you’d feel if your body was where it should be…if you felt that raw masculine power…you had all the confidence you know is possible.

Your whole life would be different. Amazingly different.

On the other hand, I don’t need to remind you how many men get stuck getting fatter, softer, flabbier and settling for an average life, average woman, and so on.

For me there would be no greater prison. That’s why I set out to figure this stuff out, and created the MANamorphosis process. And why I’m sharing it with you today.

I don’t want to be that guy that doesn’t get the most from his life. This process was created so that you could get the exact physique you want… and so that you can use your powerful new body as a springboard for confidence in other areas of your life.

Of course, I can only help you if you TAKE ACTION on what I’ve shared with you today.

This is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make … especially since you have nothing risk – PLUS the upside of having an insanely powerful new body in just 12 short weeks.

I’m sure you’ll make the right move and I can’t wait to see what your life looks like once you’ve made your MANamorphosis.

I’ll see you inside the program.

Coach MANdler, CSCS / CPT