These fast paced and intense upper, lower, and total body circuits will flip on the “Fat-Burning Switch” that is turned to “OFF” whenever you do traditional cardio, and are responsible for getting you shredded abs, and well defined chest and arms in half the time that traditional diets and cardio workouts will.

You’ll discover the 3 biggest fat loss myths that you’re probably buying into, that are actually making you soft and flabby. PLUS, get the easy fix to these problems that are scientifically proven to help you burn 300% more fat than you were before…GUARANTEED!!!

This action and implementation plan cuts out all of the confusion on how to BEST use these powerful fat-burning workouts, so you can quickly plug them into your current routine and get the fast fat-burning effects that they consistently deliver!

Check Out These Amazing Results

What do these workouts do? +

They are specialized metabolism and testosterone spiking mini-workouts that burn 3x more body fat than cardio, while also helping to prevent the release of the ‘fat-storing’ hormone Cortisol. Not only will they burn fat far faster and easier than cardio, but they will allow you to maintain more muscle mass as well.

Why are they better than regular cardio? +

Instead of burning off calories only while you’re training like cardio does, ‘Express Routines’ will allow you to continue to burn calories and target ONLY body fat long after you’ve already left the gym. This phenomenon happens because of the high levels of Testosterone you’ll have pumping through your veins, as well as the dramatically higher metabolic rate you’ll have in response to the specialized nature of the routines.

How fast do they work? +

Most people that have used these ‘Express Routines’ have reported seeing improvements in their muscularity and definition within a matter of days! That’s the real beauty of these insanely effective fat-burning routines. They work so much faster than cardio and dieting, plus allow you to maintain all the size and strength that you’ve worked so hard for.

How were they discovered? +

After seeing how fast many of the top athletes at the Univ. of Florida were rapidly decreasing their body fat levels during pre-season 2-A-Day workouts, we tested this same style of fast-paced and intense training into all of my gym members attempting to drop weight. To our surprise, it worked even faster for our beginner and intermediate lifters, than it did for our elite athletes. This is why they are tailor made for guys that are either trying to drop a few pound, or 25 + pounds of body fat!

Do I need any special equipment? +

Not at all! The beauty of these workouts is that they are very minimalist, and can even work at home or on vacation! For many of them, you’ll only need a set of dumbbells, a barbell, or simply your bodyweight. ANY gym you go to is guaranteed to have all you need in order to get you the best workout you’ve ever had, in a remarkably short period of time.

Will they work regardless of my age or experience? +

Absolutely they will! Young or old…beginner or advanced…my team of trainers and I have never found a single client who hasn’t been able to plug them in and see remarkable changes in their shape, muscularity, and conditioning. You’ll have to sweat a little bit (ok…a LOT), but at the end of the day you don’t have to worry about that hard work being in vane. It’s scientifically proven and guaranteed to work!

If I don’t have time to use these in a 2-A-Day format, is there a way to still receive the fat-loss results I’m looking for? +

A lot of people that I work with are professionals that only have 20-30 minutes a day to dedicate to training, yet still want to know what they can do to get quality results. These specialty “EXPRESS” routines are just what the doctor ordered! Because each one only lasts 10-15 minutes to complete, by simply adding another 1-2 rounds of each workout (most have 4-5 rounds that constitute a “workout”), you will still be able to cause a massive influx of your bodies most powerful muscularity increasing anabolic hormone, Testosterone, as well as a large spike in your resting metabolic rate that lets you burn more body fat even while chilling on your couch.