Old-School Training Method Helps Hopeless Hard-Gainers Defy Bad Genetics and Build STACKS of Dense, Ripped, Muscle Mass!!!

What You're Getting With 'FAST-MASS':

~“12-Week Accelerated Mass Building Guide”   

Your 90-day 'conjugate bodybuilding' workout plan that takes you set for set and rep for rep through the entire "FAST-MASS" transformation system so that you can quickly defy your genetic limitations and build STACKS of rock hard muscle right now! 

~"Barbell Cheat Codes"                               

When it comes to building “Fast-Mass” you’re going to have to learn how to trigger massive surges of anabolic hormones. These 6 Video Modules will uncover the lifting tricks that all Bodybuilders & Strongmen have kept secret for years so that you too can take advantage of the powerful anabolic surge that have allowed them to build limitless amounts of ripped and powerful muscle mass.

~“Power Medley’s”                                

51+ of the very same 5 minute workout routines that Professional Strongman competitors use to create a level of conditioning & muscularity that no other style of cardio training can deliver…all while helping to maintain the muscle you've worked so hard for! 

~"Reloaded: Advanced Recovery Methods”

There’s no question about it...when you put this program to use, you WILL build at the very least 10-15 lb. of Ripped & Powerful Muscle Mass. The cost of these extreme gains are paid for with the intense muscle building workouts that you will be put through on a daily basis. And in order to prevent the muscle crippling condition of “Overtraining”, you will be armed with this daily muscle rejuvenation guide so you can recover faster and steadily produce the anabolic hormones you need to get Ripped, Stacked & Jacked!

~“Jump Start Training Primer” 

Discover the 9 minute and 47 second daily workout you will do that unlocks your body’s full strength and muscle building potential so you can transform your workouts and your mass building capabilities immediately!

~“Hard-Gainers Anabolic Diet”

Training isn’t the only part of the equation that you need to address in order to overcome your hard-gainer woes. I’ll show you the exact diet plan to use that will cause your body to unleash tidal waves of Anabolic Hormones so you can kick-start your ripped muscle building gains into high gear!

~“Furious-4” [ADDED BONUS!]

WARNING! These 4 Hardcore Power Medley's should be called the “Fatal 4” instead! Perhaps because for those that are able to survive them without passing out from complete muscular exhaustion, they probably feel like they are on the verge of death!!! Try these ruthless muscle carving routines out ONLY if you're ready and willing to go full 'BEAST-MODE'!

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