6 Rules For Building "Sleeve-Splitting" Arms

Many people will say that you’re either born with the ability to build a pair of attention grabbing arms- or you’re just flat out of luck.


I get a ton of emails every day from people complaining that they were born with the unlucky fortune of being a hard-gainer and simply can’t build any respectable size in their arms.


They say they’ve done every arm routine that they caught in the most recent muscle magazine they picked up at the grocery store…


They’ve taken all of the supplements that promised them major results…


But still, for whatever reason they can’t add any size to their “noodle arms”.


I know first hand the frustration that these “hard-gainers” go through. It’s a sucky problem that almost all of the members at my gym the “Man Cave” and I have all successfully fought through.


Let’s face it, there are few things that scream alpha male like a pair of sleeve splitting arms! They have the ability to make a statement in a crowd that words don’t have to.


They represent power, strength, authority, and dominance…


But if you think you’re doomed to never experience any of these perks because you “just can’t get your arms to grow” then I’ve got some sweet news for you!


All of us have the ability to build tremendous size in both our biceps and triceps.




But you gotta fix these problems that are absolutely crushing your gains first:


1) Quit Using Machines: There’s a lot of muscle fiber you’re missing out on stimulating by training through the fixed range of motion that machines give you. And the less muscle fibers you stimulate, the less growth you can expect.


2) Quit Overdoing It: If you think that building jacked arms is just about doing a million curls a day, on every day that ends with “y”, then you’re in for a rude awakening. You’ll be overtraining and turn off your bodies ability to recover and regenerate for new muscular growth. Give your arms time to recover if you want them to grow into a set of respectable pipes!


3) Quit Skipping Bodyweight Exercises: Want to know the #1 exercise to build a tall peak in your bicep? Of course you do! Big biceps are sweeter than candy! Ok, it might surprise you, bit it’s the Pull Up. Yes, the old military favorite. And if you want to build a big horseshoe on your triceps, stick with push ups and dips. DO NOT SLEEP ON BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!!! They’re crucial when it comes to forcing growth in your arms. 


4) Quit Doing the Same ‘Ole Routine: This reminds me of an old saying my dad always tells me. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Pretty much, if you do the same exercises, with the same weight, reps and sets, then you have to understand that your body will adapt to those demands and the “muscle growth switch” will be turned off for good. What you need to do is just vary your routines so you “trick” your body into constant growth.


5) Quit Relying on Supplements: I’m gonna drop another saying on you that you probably need to hear when it comes to supplements. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I wouldn’t venture as far as to say that supplements are a scam (some do work), but you need to understand that supplements alone are not the ticket to bigger arms. They will trick you into believing they are, but that’s what the supplement companies are so good at…They make the big bucks by making you believe in the false claims that they so hypnotically and convincingly tattoo all over the magazines that you’re buying. Bottom line, they aren’t the miracle workers that you’ve been led to believe they are…Intense and intelligent training is the key to getting those attention grabbing jacked arms!   


6) Quit Eating Like a Woman: There’s a simple mathematical equation you have to learn to follow if you plan on increasing the size and density of your arms. If you want to do so, you have to put yourself in what’s called a caloric surplus. That’s when you consume more calories than you burn (through exercise and the metabolic burn). So, if you think you can eat like a 95 lb. girl and build muscle at the same time you’ve got another thing coming!



Look, I can assure you that if you start addressing these mistakes, they will help you solve this problem quick fast and in a hurry.


It’ll help you gain the confidence that many of the guys sporting “big guns” have, and ride that into putting yourself into better position for some of the finer things in life: Respect…Power…WOMEN!!!


Not to mention you can quit wasting money on the magazines that are nothing more than one big advertisement for supplements that are burning a whole in your wallet too!


Something else to think about if you’re goal is to build those show stopping arms…


All of the rules I laid out for you above are spot on, but there’s one stipulation that I feel I gotta let you in on…


A ton of guys that train are leaving a lot of the major gains that they should be getting on the table.




They aren’t “priming” their body to get the results they want…They aren’t actively recruiting all of their muscle fibers that need to be stimulated for massive growth.


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Putting it simply, when you “prime” your muscles with the tricks you’ll discover in this program, it’ll help you stimulate more growth in your arms (and the rest of the body too)…


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