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Tired Of Bombing Out On The Lifts That You Know You Should Be Getting? Simply Plug In Each One Of These 21 "Lifting Cheat Codes" We've Put Together For You... And Never Stall Out In The Gym Again!

  • The "Magic Max Warmup" You Can Use to ignite more dominant strength, extreme explosiveness, and mind blowing pumps without this, you can deep six any new records you hope of making in your squat, bench press, or deadlift ...
  • The "Chicken wing" Bench press mistake Fix this one simple elbow positioning issue and immediately engage more muscle for bigger lifts and faster growth...
  • The #1 Squat Stance Mistake and how this problem is sabotaging the gains of even the most experienced veteran lifters ...
  • The Mouth guard muscle activation trick why you should NEVER go to the gym without a mouth guard inside your gym bag on heavy lifting days ...
  • The "Belly Bench" technique this one breathing trick will give you a bigger bench press the very first time you use it! I still can't believe it actually works!!!
  • What "Triggering" is, and why it will forever change the way you deadlift you'll be leaving your old deadlift record in the rear view mirror after using this powerful muscle activation trick…plus never have to worry about nagging back pain again!
  • The "Instant Activation" Grip Technique why it's not just "where" you grip the bar, but "HOW" you grip it when it comes to your ability to lift massive bar bending weights...
  • Plus much, Much more!

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When our clients are looking to build more maximal strength and raw power, this is our "go-to" check list. I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed with your workouts again. Download them and use them immediately… They work!

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