Build A Razor Sharp Set Of 6-Pack Abs & Obliques Without Doing A Single Sit-Up or Side Bend… In Just 24 Days!!!

I know what you're probably thinking after reading the above claim. This guy's off of his rocker! Nobody can develop a shredded up midsection in just 24 days… NOBODY!!!

That may be the case if you're using a more traditional, outdated, and "slow 'n steady" approach.

But the truth of the matter is, not only is it possible… it's what your body desperately wants, and needs!

Let me explain…

When it comes to the fundamental requirements of achieving a ripped-up midsection, it all boils down to two simple variables.

First is the musculature and shape of your cores outer muscles that you're attempting to expose and show off (your abs, obliques, serratus, and erector spinae).

This is addressed with the exercises you use to strengthen and develop your core muscles with.

And second is having a low enough body fat percentage to REVEAL that musculature.

Obviously shedding that belly fat and spare tire hiding your core muscles all comes down to adhering to a training & diet plan that specifically aligns with the goal of burning fat.

So if it's that clear and simple, why is it that so many people struggle to achieve that goal?

The answer is simple…

Reason #1: Your Core Training Is Long Outdated

Be honest. When you think about "core" exercises, sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and side bends are probably the first ones that come to mind, right?

What if I told you that these outdated exercises not only WON'T get you the more chiseled midsection you're looking for, but more importantly can cause a laundry list of debilitating health problems?

If you're like many lifters I see doing all of these washed-up exercises as part of your daily "core routine", you likely already know just how ineffective they are at getting you the more shredded up look that you want.

But what you may not know is just how harmful these exercises can be for your body.

Done in high volume (which most of the popular fitness magazines are telling everybody to do), these exercises can cause serious short term and long term damage that you may not realize is a direct effect from your "core workout".

At the end of the day, the latest scientific research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the old "side-bends & sit-ups" approach to core training is not the Six Pack Solution…

It's the Six Pack Problem!

Continue training like this, and you'll continue to be disappointed with your results…

Reason #2: Your Body Doesn't Know "How To" Burn Off Its Excess Body Fat

This might sound a little silly (or crazy), but if you're following any of today's most popular "fat-loss" diet & training programs, there's a fundamental miscommunication going on between your endocrine system, digestive system, and metabolism that makes burning excess body fat much, MUCH slower than it should be.

Let's start with the dieting side…

Many of the popular calorie restrictive diets out there today will virtually shut down your bodies most powerful fat-burning hormones.

When that happens, instead of burning body fat like you're wanting to, your body will go into "survival mode" where it hoards all of its consumed calories (to store as fat) instead of releasing body fat to use as energy.

To make matters even worse, on the training side of the fat-loss equation, many of the "top training protocols" prescribed today require you to prioritize exercises that will suppress your bodies natural fat fighters.

The first of your bodies natural fat-fighters that's being nullified is your metabolism.

When you perform 30-45 minute bouts of steady state cardio on a daily basis that you THOUGHT were supposed to help 'melt away the fat', the exact opposite is what actually happens.

Research has shown that when you expose your body to long and extended bouts of traditional aerobic routines (think jogging, using stationary bikes, stair climbers, or the elliptical), you'll force a sharp increase in Cortisol levels which greatly decrease your metabolic rate.

That's bad enough when you consider that your metabolic rate is what dictates how many calories you burn throughout the day, and at the end of the day, fat loss boils down to "calories burnt vs. calories consumed".

But when you consider the negative effect that the Cortisol increase has on your bodies #1 most powerful fat-burning hormone, Testosterone, your chance of burning the fat required to expose your abs & obliques is practically impossible!

As you can see, the obstacles keeping you from achieving a shredded midsection are quite clear…

It's the process in which you navigate around these obstacles that is the big mystery.

And if you're making any of the mistakes above, you're constantly going to be fighting an uphill battle that will NEVER give you the tight and trim midsection that you're looking for.

So what's the secret?

What does it take on the training and diet side of things for you to quickly develop the shape and muscularity you want, as well as shed the belly fat necessary to expose it?

Your Official 24-Day Six Pack Solution!

Here's what we know. If you want a tight and toned midsection, it all comes down to proper core development and a low enough body fat percentage to show that musculature off.

We also know that many of the common practices to help you achieve that are little more than exercises in futility.

They're more likely to yield frustration & disappointment than a shredded up six pack.

So if you know the requirements, and you now know the strategies that science has proven won't work, all that's left is to show you what the latest research has shown not only will work for you… but will work FAST!

And when I say fast… I mean in just 24 short days!

Introducing the scientific solution to a tight and powerful core, "Hard-Core 24"…

When I set out to develop a core training program, I didn't want one of the countless generic and "run of the mill" workout plans that just recycled the same old stuff that NEVER works.

I wanted one that QUICKLY gets to the root of the problem so that anybody (regardless of age, experience, and especially different body types) could experience the pride and joy of walking around with a shredded up midsection.

Here's the simple truth… when you use this proven scientific approach to address head on the obstacles that are currently holding you back, you're only 24 days away from the six pack abs and tight & toned obliques you want.

Here's everything you'll receive inside that acts as the vehicle you'll need to get there…

  • HardCore-24 Solution: To get a shredded core, it all starts with truly understanding the role that all of its muscles play in your body. Here you'll discover all of the advanced drills you can use to best activate all of your core muscles, and properly stress them for faster strength & muscularity gains.
  • 21st Century Core: When your "core" is healthy, it functions to enhance not just the way you look, but the quality of your movement and general health. Inside this module you'll discover how to enhance your core aesthetics and performance so that you won't just look like, but be able to perform like a next level athlete.
  • Anti-Core Six Pack Training System: In order to develop a tight and toned midsection, you need to have the right tools. Using these new and next level exercises in a circuit format won't just strengthen and shape your core in a balanced manner, but will increase your metabolic rate for faster fat-loss.
  • Anti-Core Training Exercise Library: Get a high definition birds-eye view, and in depth coaching for 51+ of my new core strengthening & sculpting super moves. If you're looking for a more advanced, fun, and pain free approach to training your core, these innovative new exercises are exactly what you're looking for!
  • 24-Day Ketobolic Diet: Ever heard the old saying "abs are made in the kitchen"? It's true! And in this module, you'll receive the precise daily diet plan that will stimulate a dramatic increase in your bodies two biggest fat burning vehicles: Testosterone and your Metabolic Rate.
  • HardCore Anabolic Cardio Plan: On the training side of the equation, when you match up your anti-core training circuits with these high intensity performance fat loss workouts, you'll stimulate an even bigger increase in both your Testosterone levels and Metabolic Rate. And when you combine these two training protocols with your daily Ketobolic Diet Plan, you'll have the exact game plan necessary to develop a shredded up midsection in 24 days or less!
  • Plus much, MUCH more!

HardCore-24 Is The PERFECT Complement To The '30-Day Anabolic ReBoot' If Your Goal Is To Develop A Shredded & Athletic 6 Pack

The combo of these two powerful fat burning and core sculpting programs provide a 1-2 punch that is undeniable in its ability to help you stave off the two biggest reasons you've had such a difficult time developing the tight & toned midsection you want.

Remember too, not only will this 24-day six pack solution get you the ripped abs and carved up obliques you're looking for, but it will do so without causing any of these common side effects that most core training regimens will cause…

You Won't Find A More Complete & Fast Acting Core Training System Than "HardCore24"!!!

When it comes to getting a more powerful, athletic, and shredded core, you have to have science on your side!

I can tell you from the experience and struggles that I had developing the abs and obliques I wanted that if you don't pay attention to and address head on the REAL issues stopping you from getting the look in your midsection that you want, you'll just be wasting time and frustrating yourself to no end.

My suggestion, if you're looking for the smarter, more proven, and devastatingly fast & effective way to get the six pack that you want is to get smarter with your training, and adopt the more advanced & scientific approach that guarantees the results you're looking for.

A Word of Warning Though, This Powerful New Six Pack Solution Isn't For Everyone…

It will no doubt give you the powerful, ripped, and athletic midsection you want in just 24 short days.

But each one of those days will require you to put in a solid amount of good old fashioned hard work… in both the kitchen and the gym!

So if you're not willing to trade hard (but smart!) work, for fast and reliable results, then don't add 'HardCore-24' to your order.

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My #1 goal as your coach during the '30-Day Anabolic ReBoot' is for you to finally feel just how personally rewarding it is to sport that shredded up and powerful midsection that you want and deserve! That's why if at any point in the next 60 days you aren't supremely confident in the direction that your body is going with while using this powerful six pack solution, just let me or my 24/7 customer support team know and we'll give you a prompt 100% refund.

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