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Hey man, it's Coach Chandler. I wanted to take a quick second to congratulate you for picking up your limited edition copy of the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot". Countless hours of research, private coaching, and good 'ole fashioned hard work have been invested into this program to assure that you get the fastest and most dramatic fat loss transformation possible in the 30-day span that I promised. And because of that extreme attention to detail, you WILL get the results that I promised… PERIOD!

To help you in this process though, you need to be 100% focused on every variable of the transformation. Your training, your conditioning, your recovery, and ESPECIALLY your diet! I'm sure you already knew that though…

When it comes to the success of your diet though, much of the times it's not just about what foods you're eating or the amounts of each…but more so how you handle the insatiable cravings that occur when you deprive yourself of the foods that you love, yet know you can't have. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a diet plan that allowed you to eat all of the foods you grew up loving, but were told to give up in order to keep you on track with your fat-loss goals?

Of course it would! Who are we fooling? Nobody really likes to eat the same bland, boring, & tasteless foods when dieting do n. The endless cycle of baked chicken and boiled broccoli meal after meal is painfully boring and monotonous, but you do it because it usually gets you the results you want. At least until you eventually reach your wits end, and crash head first into a box of your favorite cookies or pizza.

Instead of fighting your natural urges to eat the delicious foods you've grown accustomed to enjoying though, what you NEED to do is discover just how easy it is to turn those same foods into fat burning weapons that allow you to get ripped up fast!

Turn Traditional Comfort Food Into Fat Burning Fuel!

Listen, if eating round after round of baked chicken and boiled broccoli is something you're sick of doing in order to stay on track with your fat loss goals… and you're looking for a fun and delicious fat burning edge to add to the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" that will force even bigger spikes in your metabolic rate and fat melting hormones like Testosterone and HGH, then you're going to love what I've put together for you!

In order to prevent you from getting bored with, and eventually cheating on, the powerful diet plan you'll have access to inside the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot", today only you have a chance to get the exact cookbook I built that shows you how to quickly and easily make your favorite meals, and do so in a way that helps you BURN FAT instead of GET FAT!

These are all fast, simple, and most importantly delicious dishes that ANYBODY can make regardless of their experience in the kitchen. And the best part…each of the 115+ recipes are specially designed to be compliant with every one of the different diet phases you'll go through during the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot". This way, you can eat all of the foods you love, but instead of worrying about how much "Makeup Work" you'll have to do in order to offset that diet crash, you'll sleep easy knowing you're actually giving your body the food it needs to heat up your metabolism and spike the hormones that allow you to burn fat fast and easy!

Just imagine, instead of choking down the same flavorless and boring foods that leave you constantly craving your favorites, you'll have a book full of easy to prepare gourmet meals that taste great and lead to faster fat-loss.

You Won't Even Feel Like You're On A Diet!

Usually the fat burning diet process is a miserable trudge, but with the "Ketobolic Cookbook" it becomes legitimately fun and exciting! Not only will you discover all of the cooking tricks that professional chef's use to make even the unhealthiest dishes "diet friendly" and sinfully delicious, but while eating them you'll be amazed at just how much faster and easier the fat will fall off as a result of how they manipulate massive increases in your bodies metabolism and anabolic hormone levels.

That's exactly what will happen when you add these gourmet metabolism and anabolic hormone stimulating recipes to your order period:

When you arm yourself with the powerful fat burning tactics you'll have access to inside the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" and combine it with the delicious yet diet friendly recipes I've put together for you inside the "Ketobolic Cookbook", you'll never fall victim to the #1 diet killer (cheating) again!

No more suffering through bland and boring meals, or feeling like you're starving yourself. With these delicious metabolism and anabolic hormone boosting meals on your side, you'll actually ENJOY the diet process and look forward to the meals you eat…

The "Ketobolic Cookbook" Is The Ultimate Add On For Anyone Who Wants Better & Faster Fat Loss, WITHOUT Having To Give Up The Foods That We All Love!

I didn't want to leave any stone unturned when it came to developing this powerful fat-loss specific cook book. That's why I worked hand in hand with a team of professional chefs, performance nutrition coaches, and body transformation specialists who helped me create all of the recipes.

Each one had to be not only sinfully delicious, as well as fast & easy to prepare, but most importantly force a surge in the hormones that make burning fat easy.

It's simple…Eat these delicious meals, and you'll turn your body into a fat burning machine!

And the best part, with over 115 mouth-watering recipes to choose from, you'll never suffer from the diet boredom that eventually leads to "cheating" again…

Your days of going to bed hungry and choking down tasteless meals are over!

Here's everything you'll get access to inside your copy of the "Ketobolic Cookbook"…

  • 115+ delicious, easy to prepare, and filling recipes that will force massive surges in your metabolism & anabolic hormone levels for RAPID fat-loss
  • Mix & Match Meal Planner that makes sure you pair the right recipes up with the right phase (this way you guarantee yourself the fastest fat loss possible)
  • Anabolic Enhancers – These secret ingredients added to each recipe will not only enhance the taste of each meal, but they'll cause a noticeable jump in the hormones responsible for more rapid fat breakdown (meaning you get ripped while eating tastier foods!)
  • Calorie Shaving & Flavor Enhancing Substitute List – In order to make traditionally "unhealthy" recipes delicious, AND a weapon in your fat-burning arsenal, you'll use these crazy and creative professional chef hacks.
  • No Fly Zone – This is a list of ingredients that you need to avoid like the plague! Not only are they hidden calorie bombs, but they'll grind your anabolic hormone output to a screeching halt.
  • Anabolic Grocery List – Unlike the foods in the "No Fly Zone", these foods are ones that will naturally force a massive increase in your anabolic hormone levels for rapid fat-loss and muscle gains.
  • Backyard Barbecue Basics – Never burn your chicken or undercook your steaks & burgers again! I'll show you how in just one day you can transform yourself into the official grill-master of your neighborhood!
  • And much, much more!

The TOUGHEST part of any fat-loss transformation is without a doubt staying "true" to the strict macronutrient combinations that you are required to eat throughout the dieting process. But the "Ketobolic Cookbook" is here to help you navigate this struggle with ease!

If you want to learn the simple step-by-step tricks that'll have you preparing delicious and nutritious meals, while forcing a surge in your anabolic hormone levels and metabolic rate (both of which lead to lighting fast fat loss), then I strongly urge you to grab your copy of the "Ketobolic Cookbook" right now!

Wouldn't you give anything to be able to eat the foods you loved growing up yet continue to see body fat fall off every day?!

Well that's exactly what you'll be able to do when you're armed with this powerful recipe book!

It's jam packed with over 115 delicious fat-burning recipes that match up perfectly with each phase of the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot", and will ultimately lead to far faster (and EASIER!) fat loss.

These next level recipes when matched up with the "30-Day Anabolic ReBoot" will make getting ripped up faster & easier than ever!

In just 4 weeks, after you match up these two powerful fat loss weapons, you're going to be staring down a NEW you…

Ripped 6-Pack Abs, a trim waistline, athletic arms, powerful shoulders, and a superhero V-Taper.

It's all yours!

But only if you nail down your diet.

And we all know that this will only happen when you actually ENJOY what you're eating, and don't feel like you're depriving yourself of the foods you love.

You Haven't Even Heard The Best Part…

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I put this fat-burning recipe book together for you because I truly want you to get the best and fastest results possible. But most importantly, I want you to do so without having to take a ride on the "starvation" or "deprivation" struggle bus!

And to show you just how serious I am about helping you take your fat-loss to the next level, here's the promise I'm willing to make you. If at any point in the next 60-days you aren't 100% satisfied with your results, I'll give you a prompt and hassle free refund. You can even keep the cook book as a parting gift!

It's Quite Simple… Cook & Eat These Delicious Recipes, And You're Going to Burn Away Pound After Pound of Even the Most Stubborn Body Fat

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